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The Rebeccas: Rebecca Taylor and Rebecca Minkoff and Their Fall 2012 Collections

24 Feb

Text, Vivian Kelly and Laura Wood

Friday, Feb 10

Rebecca Taylor and Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Taylor

The impression we had was based on our knowledge that Rebecca Taylor  is a seasoned pro and knows how to put together a cohesive collection. That was underlined by seeing newer designer Rebecca Minkoff’s collection immediately afterwards. Our strongest impression was that Ms. Minkoff’s collection didn’t hold together as a cohesive collection lacking a central theme.

Ms. Taylor’s clothes this season are layered and asymmetrical. We liked #4, an elegant take on a long tee shirt and leggings. You get the ease of the former but with the festiveness of sequins and chiffon you could wear to a party.

Rebecca Taylor's Look #4 from the fall 2012 Collection Show

Rebecca Taylor's Velvet Burn-Out Dress, Look #18 from the fall 2012 collection show

Number 18, a velvet burn out dress is for anyone who wants just a little bit of asymmetric.

Ziggy Stardust Wallpaper - David Bowie

Rebecca Minkoff’s Opening Look – Touches of Ziggy Stardust

Rebecca Minkoff's Look #18 from her fall 2012 collection show

Look 27, an ivory boucle sweater and quilted leather skirt is cute but only on the skinniest girl. The asymmetric layered look isn’t for everyone but Ms. Taylor works it with a sure hand.

Rebecca Minkoff

Looks 1 and 3 in the “Galaxy Sequin” segment at Rebecca Minkoff had shades of Ziggy Stardust and seemed ideal for the aspiring LA starlet.

From that point on, although it was obvious that the collection had distinct themes, they were dispersed unevenly. First you see eye-popping neon color with gray and then appears again in look 18 and then in 20 and disappears. We liked this grouping and wished it had been presented together and she did a good job toning down summer brights with gray making it suitable for fall. Look 18 had some nice separates you use in both spring and fall.


The Rebecca Taylor s/s2012 Collection Preview – pretty in pink

2 Sep

Text, Vivian Kelly

Remember the Eighties’ John Hughes movie, “Pretty in Pink”? I hesitate to call it “a cult classic”, because there are just too many of us John Hughes fans out there.

Every time I hear or read the name REBECCA TAYLOR, I’m reminded of this film and how pretty Molly Ringwald looked in her do it yourself pink dress – the marriage of a Mall atrocity and a beautiful vintage gown.

Okay, so Ms. Taylor does not ONLY work with a pink-tinged color palette, but you can always count on her designs to be pretty and to make you feel like the fresh ingenue Miss Ringwald looked back in 1986.

IF this film would be reshot today, and the late Mr. Hughes were still alive, and Molly Ringwald was a teen, she might just wear this pretty ensemble to the prom. I’d put “Duckie” [Jon Cryer] in what else? Duckie Brown, of course.

Below, a few of Rebecca Taylor’s best designs from the past few seasons.

Just a little refresher!