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Libertine’s Johnson Hartig, Talks about his Creative Process Backstage pre the fall 2011 Show

8 Mar

Text, Vivian Kelly

Model backstage at the Libertine fall2011 Show

My earlier post served as an intro to this line that’s been a Vogue favorite for quite some time. Since he launched Libertine with former partner, Cindy Greene in 2001,  designer Johnson Hartig has collaborated with Damien Hirst and Goyard and at the opposite end of the spectrum, with Target.

And why not go high-low if it’s “right”? After spending some one-on-one time with Johnson, it’s clear to me that he’s a free spirit who works from his gut.


Rules? Shmools. When I asked about the Pantone Color Chart and if he paid attention to the “top 10 colors” of the season, he laughed. He’s right though, because since the late Nineties, it’s increasingly hard to dictate trends to women. With the advent of the Internet, women have far more information at their disposal and are far less reliant on fashion bibles to tell them that they should be wearing shoulder pads or green this season and should chuck anything with a print on it, etc. etc.

Tomorrow, the video which gives a peek at Johnson’s creative process, one that created one of the best collections at this latest NYFW.