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True Fashion – The Legend of Lady White Snake, Starring Daphne Guinness

15 Feb

Text, Vivian Kelly

Reported by Vivian Kelly and Laura Wood

Photograph of Daphne Guinness by Markus Klinko & Indrani

WHAT: a Grade-A platinum fashion moment at 172 Norfolk Street, NYC

It’s taken me two days to fully digest the events of Sunday night. It’s not often I get a dose of pure undiluted high octane fashion.

Laura and I arrived at the Angel Orensanz Foundation for Contemporary Art at 10:00p.m. on the dot. THIS was NOT something either of us wanted to miss a second of. We had high hopes for this event, in part due to two days worth of experiencing the polished sterility of the Lincoln Center Venues and the accompanying jitters of sucking down one too many cans of  free Diet Pepsi. We were actually look forward to visiting Alphabet City as the Lower East Side is the only remaining vestige of “NYC Eighties cool” that still survives. Going down there is fun and makes me feel 25 again.

The Angel Orensanz venue is the artist’s creation and is a cross between a Russian Orthodox Church and a nightclub, in other words, Limelight, when it just started and was THE place to go and dance until 2:00a.m. before going off to Florent in MeatPacking to have something to eat before trying to score a taxi willing to take us back to Laura’s apartment in the Village.

It was obvious from the moment we entered that this was “a happening”. First, there were the photographs – giant sized ones of Daphne Guinness posing in her astounding McQueen Couture, which she wore in the film. Catwoman has nothing on Daphne who was dressed up as a high fashion villainess in a red catsuit and insanely high heels. I’ll need to win Powerball to scratch this itch as I mentally “bought” four of the photographs that would look amazing in  The Fashion Examiner office and  fireplace room. Total cost for four of Markus Klinko & Indrani’s fabulous photos of Daphne = $160,000. These photos really DO “combine story-telling with cutting-edge fashion”.

Next, we ambled over to the well-stocked bar – no yukky plastic glasses here – and sat down in a padded bamboo gilt chair just as Daphne made her entrance in an incredible chainmail gown and a head ornament loaded with what I’m assuming were probably actually diamonds rather than Swarovski Crystals.

The film itself was genius – a cross between a poetry reading and a couture fashion show. It may sound odd, but it was spectacular. On our way out, Laura stopped to chat with a young female editor to get her take. Like us, she was blown away and was going to Google the film and read Neil Gaiman’s poem. The point of the film though, was the EXPERIENCE and it got a 10/10 on that score. After this visual feast, we got an auditory one – a performance by the very talented Viva Girls, who were perched like a row of angels in blue ball gowns to the right of the massive screen.

The grand finale to the event was a capsule collection of gowns from the new Genghis Khan collection designed by GK Reid. We loved the hooded one and his concept of transformative styling and dressing – something we can totally get behind.

SO, which of Markus Klinko & Idrani’s photographs of Daphne Guinness would YOU like to take home with you?

Daphne in her Chain mail Couture


Fashion + Film + Fashion Icon Daphne Guinness = Genghis Khan Collection / Premiere Screening of “The Legend of Lady White Snake”

10 Feb

Text, Vivian Kelly

Topic- Daphne Daphne Daphne!

Daphne Strikes  A Pose For MAC Cosmetics

Genghis Khan Collection / Premiere Screening of “The Legend of Lady White Snake”

I’m obsessed. Daphne Guinness is the subject of this latest fashion obsession.  I “went there” and asked friend, Anthony Palermo, of the Anthony Leonard Salon to dye my hair as blonde as it would go. After two bleaching blasts in the past 12 weeks, I’m there, with the exception of the black skunk stripes Daphne sports. I’m not ready for that as such a couture look requires wearing 5 inch heels and vintage McQueen couture, which would be fun but just not within my reach just yet.

In the meantime, I’m buying up pieces of Daphne’s capsule collection created for MAC Cosmetics. Thus far, I carry the following around in my Volvo [while in the Country] or in my leather Birkin-esque satchel [while in NYC]: “Fling” Eye Brow Pencil – THE perfect shade for you platinum blondes out there who don’t want to mess about with powders and brushes

Cremesheen LipGlass in “Richly Reserved”

Next to buy between shows are:

Pro Longwear LipCreme in “Approaching Storm”– I struck out at the Grand Central station location – they sold the 6 tube they’d been allotted.

“Red Dwarf” [a maybe]

Blush Ombre in “Azalea Blossom”.

Thankfully, in NYC there are ample opportunities to snatch up some MAC Cosmetics – almost as many as getting my frozen mocha frappe fix at MACDonalds.

Once I’ve scooped up the remaining Daphne pieces, I’ll be ready to attend one of my top 3 events of this NYFW – The screening of THE LEGEND OF LADY WHITE SNAKE, starring Daphne, co-written by the white hot Neil Gaiman and Bernard Henri Levy and directed by Indrani.

The premiere is Sunday night at 10p.m. with a write-up and more images to follow post-event.

Last Thoughts: FIT did what I heard was a wonderful exhibit of Daphne’s clothes. I’ve posted a few images here. Which one is YOUR favorite?

Rambo’s Picks – Week of July 25, Tales of a Beauty Editor at Large

29 Jul

Text, Rambo

Edited by: VK

I feel sorry for humans, because try as they might, they’ll never have lashes as long and beautiful as my whiskers or hair that’s as soft as my platinum  gray colored fur, but I love them because they just keep on trying.

I applaud my owner for finally finding a hair color that succeeds in leaving her hair ALMOST as soft as mine. Before VK found John Frieda’s color mousse, every time she colored her hair I’d run to the garage to get away from the NASTY chemical smell, and I don’t like the garage – I’m afraid of the raccoon monster who sometimes breaks in to eat out of my dry food out of the big bag in there.

Last weekend, I discovered the solution to at-home hair coloring for you guys and girls who don’t want to deal with a trip to the salon and would rather hang at home coloring with your favorite cat. It’s called John Frieda’s Precision Foam Colour. We liked the 5N shade – medium brown.

WHY Rambo loves John Frieda’s Foam Colour- the 5

1.  It’s mouse – oops! Mousse and fun to put in your hair, kind of looks like you sprayed a whole can of that delish whipped cream on your head. Yum.

2. It’s designer hair color and as I’m a fashion writer’s cat, I like designer anything. After all, I spent my first year of life rolling around in Fashion Week swag: MAC Cosmetics, Make Up For Ever, Douglas Hannant fragrance…. Makes me purr!

3. It smells nice. You wouldn’t believe how nasty some of the hair color VK has tried-out in our bathroom smells. That Clairol she bought had me hightailing it out of the room even though I was curious and wanted to watch. Peuw!

4. It made VK’s hair glossy, almost like mine– everyone who comes over oohs and aahs about my shiny coat. [Just between us, her hair was looking wiry and I hate this word – frizzy – even, before I discovered this mousse color.] Shhh!

5. I found it at CVS – one of our go-to places for beauty because there’s so much fun beauty stuff, AND it was on sale for $9.99. Even at the regular $14.99, it’s a paws-up. Like Cybill [Shepherd] said, “Because I’m worth it”. Right?

I’m signing-off now ‘cause I’ve got to tunnel through the mascaras we’re trying to pick the best one for you guys next week.

Ciao Meow!


Carolee’s Lux Sandstorm Summer Collection and White Glove Customer Service – Dan Bracciale, of MAC Cosmetics all at Bloomingdales’

22 Jun

Text, Vivian Kelly

I don’t like department stores. That sounds un-American, but my dislike of warehouse sized shopping extends to include Home Depot, Macy’s Herald Square, and until last week, Bloomingdales’ on East 59th Street.

Nevertheless, I ventured in with my Jr. Editor and Daniel Ortega, a professional soccer player, who was in town and who felt like shopping for watches and sunglasses.

Before inspecting the sunglass selections, we dropped into the Carolee/Dior Beaute in store event, because:

1.It was intimate – it was held in a small curtained-off back room, and not open to the G.P.

2. Paul Wilmot’s team has never put on an event I did not enjoy and blog about.

We were late, but got a one on one with Carolee’s Director of Marketing and PR, Nancy Risdon, who couldn’t have been nicer and who graciously gave us a mini preview of the Lux Sunset Stones Collection designed by Carolee jewelry designer  Seung Hye Choi.

The summer jewelry is pretty and the subdued jewel tones and antiqued gold treatment are a great finishing touch to the white and cream clothes we’re wearing this summer. Better still, it’s divided into 4 categories to fit the look you’re going for. My favorite for summer were the carnelian and pumpkin beaded pieces that are just the right thing to wear with this summer’s long  dresses. Worn on their own, the dresses can look TOO boho and a bit downmarket. If you add a necklace and bracelet from  the Sand Storm grouping however, the look is transformed to hippie chic. Think Talitha Getty, Allegra Hicks.

Before leaving, we stopped to sample some Dior Beaute and to chat with Tanya Pack, who was demoing and explaining Dior’s latest skincare and summer color palette.

I loved the anti aging trifecta from Dior’s Capture Totale Skincare line Tanya demoed on me  and the fact that a bottle lasts for nearly a year! You only need 2 [yes, TWO] drops of the “One Essential” toxin remover and “Super Serum” which you apply on top of it. Once Tanya was done, my skin felt as if she’d just performed a 45 minute hydrating facial on it.

[see Video in an upcoming post, which shows Tanya demoing the specific application process. Also visit her beauty site, Fancy Face Artistry, in which she gives all sorts of helpful makeup advice. I’m now a subscriber!]

I’ve saved the best part of our Bloomies’ adventure for last. Here goes.

Our Jr. Editor, Juliette, didn’t fare so well, and had a mild allergic reaction to Dior’s hot “Color in a Flash” product. After a panicked visit to the Ladies’ upstairs, to wash it off, we spotted a mini MAC Cosmetics counter, mercifully far away from the bedlam at the main downstairs beauty jungle.

We asked MAC Makeup artist, DAN BRACCIALE,  if he could cleanse her face, after explaining what had happened.

He was friendly and empathetic. “I know, if it’s free, I’m the first one to try it. Why not, right?” He was also generous with his time. Dan cleansed and spritzed away, using the sensitive skincare products on the line, describing them as “meat and potatoes skincare”. The result? Calmed-down kin with a gorgeous dewy glow.

During the process, we got to know him a bit and discovered that he is a performance artist, painter, and more, in addition to being a slam dunk makeup artist.

He’s also honest. I picked-up the mauve I’d been eyeing in the capsule Surf collection as he worked on J. “No, not unless you wear some eye shadow.” We started in on the topic of the latest collection’s packaging. None of us liked it. The photos on the signage – great, but the graphics on the tubes were we agreed, “kind of Old Navy-like, not MAC.” All of us were crazy for past capsule collections such as Barbie love MAC , Tartan Plaid, and Wonder Woman.

Dan approved the Viva Glam VI I pulled out of my pink Prada bag. “Perfect, this color is great for everyday, nothing else needed.”

Approval! Music to my ears.

He invited J. to come back when she had a special event to get her makeup done. This is an invitation we’re actually going to follow-up on. Gems such as Dan are a store’s most valuable currency. Good, really good, customer service is hard to find. When MAC’s next Limited Edition drops, we’ll  pop into Bloomingdales’ and go upstairs to visit  to compare notes and buy another lipstick and some skincare products.

Pretty for Summer: Beach Babes at Shiseido, MAC and Chanel

8 Jun

Text, Vivian Kelly

This summer think of your cosmetics color palette as SURF + TURF. This does not mean cosmetics companies want you to look like a lobster or like you’re trying to recreate the colors of a tequila sunrise on your eyelids. The eyes have it though. Your lipstick should be bare and shimmery.

To explain: The surf part is the beautiful navy blues on tap such as Shiseido‘s liquid eyeliner. It’s surprisingly easy to apply and even if you muff it as I did today, you can smear the mistake away. Better still, it stays on nicely even if you’re exercising. It survived a workout of 30 minutes on the VersaClimber and 30 minutes of free weights. The only other things you need to complete the eye look are some gorgeous eye shadow shades and some bullet proof mascara. Shiseido is again the source for that. They make it easy – there’s only one palette [yes, one] to choose from, but it’s got the right terra-cotta and navy colors in it .    You are good to go with “Night Sky” eyeliner and “Pink Sands” shadow palette.

The mascara’s that has the right stuff is Dolce & Gabanna’s waterproof version. It’s a minor luxury but getting to hold the rectangular gold wand makes it worth the price. Saks Fifth Avenue has an amazing selection and if you can get to the Fifth Ave. flagship, do. It’s worth it for the decor and the experience.

For lips we had to venture out to the Dept. stores and to le Mall. MAC’s selections were more daring whereas Chanel’s were  softer and less dramatic. Both are beautiful and completely wearable.

SO, what to wear with all this gorgeous new makeup? Watch the vid below, for some suggestions.

Don’t forget the nails! Hot summer nails are the subject of a post later this week.

THE HUNT – the FE’s Farmington Finds

31 May

Text, Vivian Kelly

This past Memorial Day Weekend, I took THE HUNT to the Farmington, CT. area. I ended up, kind of predictably, at the West Farms Mall in Farmington, in search of a prom dress.[oops, sorry, Middleschool graduation dance dress]. That was “a fail”, the best find being a white lace-covered cocktail dress that looked to white and too cheap, at Forever 21. The distressed denim overall shorts were adorable and cute in that Daisy Duke like way but we passed as we were on a mission, and it wasn’t for overalls this time around.

The two shopping trips to Westfarms though, were not a total loss though, and here’s why.

Louis Vuitton anyone? The Louis V. store at the Westfarm Malls was closed, but the Sweet Factory was not. It was there that I found a mini LV monogram attaché case $2.99 – mints included.  I snagged the last one.

Speaking of LV, there were a lot of Louis out and the denim Louis was the most popular followed by the standard issue original monogram. Both models were large sized, as were the taupe leather beauties in the window. Total LV’s spotted on 2 trips to the mall – 6.

The HUNT requires energy, ie: food and as a life-long diner aficionado, I insisted we go find one BEFORE shopping. Found – the New Britain diner, winner for “Best Breakfast”  award 2 years running. For under $25, we left with 2 enormous omelets with home fries, 1 giant muffin, 3 tire size pancakes and a side order of scrambled eggs and 3 free 16 oz. juices as a thank you for trying them out.

Done with breakfast, it was time to hit Westfarms again, along with everyone else who decided they’d rather shop than water ski that holiday weekend. Some other trends we spotted at the mall – buzz around the MAC Surf Limited Edition collection. While I didn’t buy the orchid color that had drawn me to the counter in the first place, I did  leave with a tube of VIVA GLAM IV – the perfect neutral shade of daytime red.

As far as the looming spectre of Father’s Day, the score was zip, but I have the email from Levi over at MIN New York to fall back on for that difficult shopping situation.