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Rambo’s Picks – Week of July 25, Tales of a Beauty Editor at Large

29 Jul

Text, Rambo

Edited by: VK

I feel sorry for humans, because try as they might, they’ll never have lashes as long and beautiful as my whiskers or hair that’s as soft as my platinum  gray colored fur, but I love them because they just keep on trying.

I applaud my owner for finally finding a hair color that succeeds in leaving her hair ALMOST as soft as mine. Before VK found John Frieda’s color mousse, every time she colored her hair I’d run to the garage to get away from the NASTY chemical smell, and I don’t like the garage – I’m afraid of the raccoon monster who sometimes breaks in to eat out of my dry food out of the big bag in there.

Last weekend, I discovered the solution to at-home hair coloring for you guys and girls who don’t want to deal with a trip to the salon and would rather hang at home coloring with your favorite cat. It’s called John Frieda’s Precision Foam Colour. We liked the 5N shade – medium brown.

WHY Rambo loves John Frieda’s Foam Colour- the 5

1.  It’s mouse – oops! Mousse and fun to put in your hair, kind of looks like you sprayed a whole can of that delish whipped cream on your head. Yum.

2. It’s designer hair color and as I’m a fashion writer’s cat, I like designer anything. After all, I spent my first year of life rolling around in Fashion Week swag: MAC Cosmetics, Make Up For Ever, Douglas Hannant fragrance…. Makes me purr!

3. It smells nice. You wouldn’t believe how nasty some of the hair color VK has tried-out in our bathroom smells. That Clairol she bought had me hightailing it out of the room even though I was curious and wanted to watch. Peuw!

4. It made VK’s hair glossy, almost like mine– everyone who comes over oohs and aahs about my shiny coat. [Just between us, her hair was looking wiry and I hate this word – frizzy – even, before I discovered this mousse color.] Shhh!

5. I found it at CVS – one of our go-to places for beauty because there’s so much fun beauty stuff, AND it was on sale for $9.99. Even at the regular $14.99, it’s a paws-up. Like Cybill [Shepherd] said, “Because I’m worth it”. Right?

I’m signing-off now ‘cause I’ve got to tunnel through the mascaras we’re trying to pick the best one for you guys next week.

Ciao Meow!