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New Location! Come on Over to our new Web Address

7 Mar

Hi All!

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The Historic Glen Cove Mansion – Roaring Twenties Splendor

28 Dec

Text & Images, Vivian Kelly

I’ve always wanted to check-out Long Island’s North Shore. It’s where some iconic “right time/right place” moments: F Scott Fitzgerald’s “East Egg V. West Egg” in The Great Gatsby in the Roaring Twenties when Gatsby had a party to end all parties at least once a week. I was able to blast back to this period in the past when I stayed at the Glen Cove Mansion in Glen Cove, L.I.

Maybe Fitzgerald was inspired by big business personalities such as John Pratt who was an attorney and executive with Standard Oil, the behemoth oil company founded by robber baron John D. Rockefeller in 1870.

John and his wife, Ruth Pratt [quite the career woman herself] maintained the 55 acre estate to the glamorous standards that were “an integral part of the many glamorous estates which comprised Long Island’s Gold Coast.” *

The front of the mansion is truly magnificent as is the entrance – huge double staircases, rich paneling and antique fixtures which put it on Country Life Magazine’s “best twelve country houses in America”. If you do nothing else, take the time to rent a bike from their fitness center on the second floor and tour the neighboring streets. You won’t be able to go down the long driveways – impossible to miss the forbidding “absolutely no trespassing” signs or the older white iron poles with black block letters spelling “”private”.

Once back at the Glen Cove Mansion, I day dreamed back to the Roaring Twenties as I biked around the former Pratt mansion’s circular drive. I imagined I could see the bejeweled guests arriving in flapper dresses and tuxedos, eager to attend yet another Gatsby-esque party to end all parties staged at the pool in the back of the property’s 55 acres.




Purple house in Glen Cove, on the IslandA Pratt Family Gathering at the Mansion

*From the Glen Cove Mansion’s in-house guest information kit

Booking Information: I found the Mansion thanks to Living