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Lisa Perry’s Modern Take on the Iconic Pan Am Stewie

22 Sep

Text, Vivian Kelly

The Right Time and the Right Place: “The Pan Am Era”, circa 1963

My NYFW mates, Mark Behnke, Men’s Editor for Fashion Tribes and “Video Vixen” Lisa Johnson, Editor in Chief of Lisa Johnson Fitness, couldn’t wait to meet the crew of “The Real Stewardesses of Pan Am”. Unfortunately, by the time we raced over from the Donna Karan store and the Marissa Berenson Book signing, our targets had flown the coop. We still got our Pan Am Stewie fix though, as there were models dressed in the blue retro uniform handing out airplane snacks and beverages. Once we fueled-up, we settled in and started exploring the all white store. I was transported back to the early Sixties, a period in time I’m utterly enamored with. I actually DID fly Pan Am in 1963, but as an 11 month old infant, sadly I don’t remember much. Ten years later, I caught the end of the “Pan Am Era” jetstream, when I flew Pan Am , New York to Paris, and had one of the best meals of my young life -on a plane! What I remember even more than the food was how utterly beautiful the stewardesses were, with their little hats, perfect figures and immaculate hair and makeup. Barbie couldn’t hold a candle to them. Years later, when the airlines changed their title to “flight attendant”, the glamour left the building. They may as well have called them “air waitresses”.

The Lisa Perry store is a like a very cool apartment you want to spend the day in so you can look at all the coffee table books, [such as Airline], study the Roy Lichtenstein prints on the wall and try on each and every one of the colorful Sixties’ style dresses hanging on the fixtures. For a fashionista who’s enamored of this era, it’s like being deposited into a wonderful penny candy store where you want to try everything on but don’t know where to start.

A Japanese businessman was holding the last Pan Am logoed bag Lisa had designed. He couldn’t decide if he should buy it. It wasn’t leather, but it was “a great design and a wonderful piece of retro. My wife will kill me if I buy this, but…”

I encouraged him, “If you don’t buy it tonight, you’re going to kick yourself later. There won’t be any more, and you know that once you see the show, you’ll want it even more. You can tell your wife you’ll share it with her.”

He bought it.

On our way out, my initial disappointed on missing the cast evaporated when we got to chat with Lisa Perry herself about the Limited Edition bags she’d designed for FNO and to commune about our shared love for this legendary time in history.

Ms. Perry told us her collaboration with the highly anticipated TV show, The Real Stewardesses of Pan Am was suggested to her by Vogue magazine. When I asked if she would design a Pan Am suit she laughed and said she could design a whole collection based on that but only after researching the original suits. Stay tuned for the upcoming show episodes and for Ms. Perry’s Pan Am inspired suits. If the limited edition bags she put out are any indication [most were snapped up on FNO] of the success of this future collection, then she’ll have a gang-busters hit on her hands, as will ABC.


‘JWOWW’ aka Jenni Farley – Why DO We Celebrate Bad Behavior?

23 Apr

Text, Vivian Kelly

I know, “style” and The Jersey Shore in the same sentence? I’m kidding right?

Yes and no.

Style does NOT always mean “in good taste” like the ladies in Assouline’s STYLE series. While that’s what I love, maybe I’m in the minority. This possibility smacked me upside the head as I sat watching an episode of CSI:Miami on a plane bound to Puerto Vallarta last weekend. The suspects, obnoxious partying kids on a hit TV show, were obviously based on The Jersey Shore. It was so  thinly disguised, I wondered why they bothered to change the names of the kids and the show.

Anyhow, as I sat back and watched, I went from wondering for the umpteenth time, ‘WHY would the public make these kids stars and God forbid, make stars of them?’

The most horrifying moment in the CSI episode was not when we found-out that [I think it was [Sammi] – ‘JWOWW’ – was the guilty party. She had killed her female costar by driving a piece of ice she pulled from the crown of the Statue of Liberty ice sculpture into her eye in a fit of rage because the latter was leaving the show and “ruining everything”.

Horrible yes, but worse was her pathetic back-story, which she explained to ‘Lieutenant Horatio Caine/David Caruso.

She was not REALLY ‘Sammi’, she of the sleazy spray tan, 11 inch skirts, big hair, and endless hook-ups and one night stands. The real shocker was that she was actually a nerdy Med Student who was sick of being a dateless MIT brainiac whose phone never rang on a Saturday night. The kicker – she killed a cast member whose departure from the show would have “ruined her life”.

Grossed-out, I kept researching, at 5a.m. Puerto Vallarta Time.

REALITY TV star Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley has a murky past.

According to RadarOnline, the Jersey Shore babe’s ex-boyfriend required 37 stitches in his arm after she stabbed him!

“Jenni put a kitchen knife through my entire arm,” Tom Lippolis told Star magazine, which hits the stands nationally Friday. “I thought she was going to kill me.”


Here’s my big question – When the action’s not scripted, ie: on the show, what is REALLY there?

Why do we watch “the kids”?

>In Search of Fashion and Holiday Gifts at the Orlando Airport

13 Dec


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Yesterday, my plan to plop down in front of the fireplace, safely back home and watch Valley of the Dolls, one of my favorite movies of all time blew-up in my face. I’d planned it all – a glass of X-Rated Fusion Liqueur on chipped ice next to me, “Simply Vera” moon boot slippers on my feet, and MacBook on my lap. I looked forward to studying the hair, makeup and clothes from an era that produced some of our most celebrated fashion icons: Marilyn, Audrey, Jackie and Grace.

My plan was as they say in the world of horseracing – “scratched” the customer service rep informed me that all flights to the New York area were cancelled for the day. The first flight we could get out of Orland was over 24 hours later.

I dumped the bags at the airport Hyatt and inspired by the giant Xmas Tree by their elevator bank, decided to see if I could find some fashion at the airport. Ho ho – No. I wasn’t feeling the jingle bell spirit – yet.

There wasn’t anyone fashionable who came across my path – no models or celebs dashing through chased by, but I doubt they’d be in Orlando anyhow.

That left the airport stores. The usual suspects were there – Borders, L’Occitane de Provence, Brookstone, Erwin Pearl, and LUSH. The time – 3p.m., the foot traffic light medium in the shops, traffic at the TSA checkpoints, horrid.

At Borders, I checked out Keith Richard’s new book, Life. The few pages I read were entertaining and sounded as if he were really telling his story, as opposed to dumping it on his ghostwriter to do all the work, There are some great family pics and my favorite – Keith strumming his guitar in his CT home. The book qualifies as fashionable because Keith is a Rock God who has great personal style, and he’s married to Patti Hansen,

one of the most important models to come out of the Seventies. She was one of the blondes who defined the “Healthy All-American Girl”, most notably romping at the beach and filling out her Calvins.

Over at Erwin Pearl, I was excited to find out that they’re now offering titanium jewelry for women. According to the very patient saleslady, “titanium is what the space shuttle is made of” ie: bang it around as much as you will safe in the knowledge nothing will happen to your jewelry.

Some of the silver and cubic zirconium pieces and titanium and zirconium pieces looked very similar to Tiffany designs. The saleswoman informed us that Mr. Pearl designs for Tiffany and because he does, he is free to use his designs for his own line. Yes, you can buy the classic Tiffany 6 prong engagement ring at his shop in sterling silver with a
1-carat cubic zirconium for $160. My pick : the faux canary yellow cushion cut ring flanked by two cubic z. trillions, set in sterling, $250.

Twenty minutes later, we hit pay dirt at Brookstone. What’s not to like? Their [“Tote To Go” $19.95]
looks very much like the original Longchamps one [@$125] for dragging all that extra stuff you bought while knocking out some Xmas shopping due to delays.

Best though was the Brookstone MAX percussion massager wand $99.95. The two-minute demos we gave each other worked away the shoulder muscle knots thanks to the pulsing acupressure node. On the way out, we stopped to squeeze the mini Tempur-Pedic pillow stylishly piped in Robin’s egg blue and considered splurging on one as well as a pair of black Tempur-Pedic slippers for $49.95. They’ve got a nice thick sole that you could get away with on days you’re doing errands in a ball cap and sunglasses and your feet need a break from the party heels you wore the night before.

Our last stop was at LUSH.
The colorful gift boxes in the back of the store beckoned. Some people find it awkward to gift soap, but I say, “nonsense!” when they look and smell as good as these. “No” to the jelly soap – too much of a similarity to jell-o for me, but everything else in there is a thumbs up. I bought a ¼ pound of the blood orange colored “Karma” soap [$7.95 for ¼ lb.] in hopes that it would bring us some lucky travel Karma. Even if it doesn’t work, I’ll smell delicious.