Think Pink! H&M’s

25 Jan

Text, Vivian Kelly

After having completed my request emails thanks to The Fashion List put together my panel for the AAU “Fashion and the Social Media”, and registered for the IFB Conference on February 8, I started to think about what to wear to NYFW.

My usual in-the-country outfit consists of dark jeans, black leather Superga sneaks, Jack Wills socks, a cotton tee or LaCoste polo and a couple of cashmere sweater layers.

I’ll have to do a little more for NYFW but wasn’t terribly inspired until happening on p. 72. of Harper’s Bazaar February 2012 issue. The page is part of the “Smart Shopping” section and is titled, “Rose Parade”

The text goes like this:

Rose Parade

Pretty? Always. But 


also have a little bite.

While I could never envision myself wearing and not toppling in a pair of Yves Saint Laurent shoes [$1,095], they DID make me consider wearing my blush pink ballet slippers out – weather permitting.

The Phillip Lim jumpsuit [$795] reminded me that oh yeah, I DO have a pair of pale pink Banana Republic chinos I scooped up last summer at a consignment shop in Newport, RI.


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