Get Pippa’s Royal Assets With A Little Help From Yummie Tummie

24 Nov

Text, Vivian Kelly

Kate Middleton’s little sis, Pippa, stole the show on Kate’s big day – her much anticipated wedding to Prince William.  I woke up at 1:00a.m. EST, and started watching the arrivals, with half an eye open as ladies in pastel suits and over the top hats arrived at Westminster Abbey.  My eyes flew shut when Pippa Middleton made her entrance in a shockingly form fitting white Satin Alexander McQueen dress by Sarah Burton.

I know – almost everyone [particularly straight “red-blooded” males] looooved the dress, but  I did not. It was white [hmm, doesn’t only the bride and maybe the flower girl get to wear white?], puckered up in the front and completely molded to her now infamous behind. I thought of the dress Marilyn Monroe had made for her, the one where she suggestively sang “Happy Birthday Mr. President” to JFK. Legend has it that it split open later that evening.

Marilyn Monroe Showing Off Her Assets, While Singing "Happy Birthday" to JFK

I stopped thinking about Pippa’s dress after a long conversation with close friend, Theadora Brack in July, in which we’d [I thought] put the dress to rest at last – until November 14th.

Last week, the dress, turned up again, like that proverbial “bad penny”. Scallywag and Vagabond’s November 14th post was titled, “Sales of new padded pants have sky rocketed as women flock to achieve bottoms that resemble Pippa Middleton’s.

The padded panty is available at the Debenham’s Department Store for 19 Pounds and is as retailers love to say, “blowing-out”.

I can see why it’s a hot item. Pop starlets  Britney Spears, Beyonce, and Jennifer Lopez have the Pippa bum, but high, lifted buttocks take work. Without a steady regimen of squats and butt-squeezes, or daily hip hop dancing, the gluteus maximus cedes to gravity and hence the dreaded “pancake look”.

If you don’t happen to live in England, Yummie Tummie by Heather Thomson, has you covered with not only panties, but with dress and leggings that also deliver that royal rump. Slip one of these on and you can get that perfect behind AND stop worrying about the post-Thanksgiving bloat this year, thanks to the contour waistband.

Added perk – Yummie Tummie is having a  Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale ,  30% off of everything on* , but only from November 25th to November 28th.

Just please promise you won’t wear your Yummies with an overly tight white satin dress! It’s a McQueen, yes, but nonetheless, a “fashion don’t”. Do, however feel free to flaunt your assets in a pair of Y.T. black leggings while channeling your inner Pippa.


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