Haiku for the Single Girl, The Book Signing Party at the Aldrich Contemporary Museum

15 Nov

Text, Vivian Kelly

My friend, art historian, John Tiffany, sends out invitations to his Eleanor Lambert themed events with the closing, “It will be a wonderful evening”. It’s the “wonderful evening” part that gets my attention. The word “wonderful” connotes a certain decorum, swankness and a hint of exclusivity. Having a perfect martini at the Oak Bar in the Plaza Hotel and then stepping a few yards away to peruse the coffee table books at the Plaza’s Assouline Shop qualifies as “wonderful”.

CT gal-pal, Cynthia Vehslage Meyers’ book signing party at the Aldrich Contemporary Museum last Saturday night, promised to be “a wonderful night”. Earlier this year, over coffee at Ross’ Bread, Cynthia told me about the all-nighters she was pulling to get the illustrations for Haiku For the Single Girl done by deadline. It was of course, completely worth it and the fete to launch the little red and white book was one of the best attended events I’ve been at in months.

The buffet was impressive as was the bar set up and after accepting a martini, I made up two horrible haikus for the contest, in hopes of winning one of the posters – blow-ups of writer Beth Griffenhagen’s hilarious haikus.

A few of my favorites

“Construction workers

Unfairly stereotyped?

I hear no catcalls.”


“Solitude causes

Loneliness, yes, but also

Fits of ecstasy”

I’d only planned on dropping in, giving Cynthia a hug and buying a copy to support her. After reading the posters, I bought three books, hugged C. , got her to sign it, and left reflecting fondly on my single girl days and mentally composing a list of friends I would gift this little treasure to this Christmas Season.

Where to Buy:

Haiku and the Single Girl is sold at Books on the Common, and available on amazon.com

Haiku for the Single Girl is a collaboration between Cynthia, a brilliant illustrator whose work has appeared in The New York Times, and Beth Griffenhagen, the author, who has a master’s in psychology, works for Murray’s Cheese shop and lives in New York City.


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