What’s With “Fairness in Fashion”? Answer – Douglas Hannant’s PINK Collection

12 Oct

Text, Vivian Kelly

As of late, the World of Fashion is obsessed with the notion of “fairness”. Prior to the Eighties, this notion did not exist. You could either afford a Louis V. bag or you could not. Many did not KNOW WHAT a Louis V. bag was, or meant.

The first time I heard of a Louis V. bag, I was 13 and reading Jacqueline Susann’s Book, “Once Is Not Enough”, at night, once my parents were in for the evening. In it, the ill-fated heroine, January Wayne, carries a Louis V. She is fabulous – has long center-parted hair, is tall, slim and gorgeous, in jeans and classic cashmere, toting her Louis V. Growing up, January’s typical forms of transport are her Daddy, legendary playboy and producer, [Mike Wayne’s],  private plane, expensive sports cars – you get the picture.

Although at the time the film begins, Mike’s career is in the toilet, he can’t bear to let his daughter not continue to live her Park Avenue/Palm Beach lifestyle. Mike marries Dee, a super rich bi-sexual socialite who’s having a secret affair with “Carla” – probably Greta Garbo, and collects husbands as a hobby. January’s only friend is “Linda”, aka Helen Gurley Brown, Cosmo’s ballsy editor.

The story line is trashy and addictive, but my real fascination was with January and her perfect clothes. January was nineteen, a bit too young to wear proper socialite clothes such as Douglas Hannant. Had she lived, this young heiress would doubtlessly have grown into it, but had Douglas Hannant’s PINK collection been around in 1975, she would have loved the classic pieces that are a little less serious but completely suitable for her jet set lifestyle.

The good news is that DH Pink is not exclusionary. To give it a more modern spin, as PR maven, Melanie Holland, President and Founder of The Project, said “This collection is for women like us too, who work and aren’t traveling around on private jets.”

This statement summarizes the seismic shift that’s taken place in fashion and society in the years between the 1975 release of Once Is Not Enough and Douglas’ PINK debut. The day has come were we can ALL have a bit of this upper-class look without actually being jet-setters.

Below, looks from the Douglas Hannant’s 1st PINK Collection.

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