The Costello Tagliapietra s/s2012 Show – an Exercise in Consistency

21 Sep

Text, Vivian Kelly and Laura Wood

One of the reasons we love Costello Tagliapietra is for their consistency. That may sound boring, but far from it. You know that when you go to one of Jeffrey and Robert’s shows you will see beautiful easy clothes in sumptuous fabrics that are meant for a woman, not a girl. That is not say that the clothes are by any means matronly. The designs are sexy but in subtle way, thanks to the fit. Take the flutter sleeve orange dress with a Japanese cherry blossom print on it.

Unlike so many things that hit the runway, you can see yourself wearing this. In fact, we we sat there watching and wondering,  “Why AREN’T we wearing these dresses right NOW? The dresses [ a favorite with Vogue]  hit right above the knee, which is part of the new non-slut look – a backwash against an avalanche of short rompers that most real women can never wear unless they happen to  enjoy being ridiculed.

Costello is known for their great dresses, but don’t ignore the few pants that they do offer. We’re in love with the orange cherry blossom wrap front top and matching loose pants. The pants are something new onto themselves – they’ve got the chicness of a capri and the comfort of a harem pant.

Yes, the prints are floral, but because the backdrop is muted, you could wear them in both summer AND fall. The collection has the added bonus of not being overtly spring or fall and works well for women who travel  year-round in different climates. You can wear these pieces in New York in spring and in a Southern climate in the late fall months. Props to these designers for understanding that they are designing for real women who want great clothes but don’t want to switch-out their wardrobe and start from scratch each and every season.

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