The Rachel Zoe Spring 2012 Collection

12 Sep

Text, Vivian Kelly

In line in the lobby in the Garment Center, we predicted that the Rachel Zoe spring 2012 collection would be heavy on smoke and mirrors and light on content.

When the elevator finally swooshed us up to her studio, it felt as if we were on set for “The Rachel Zoe Project”, complete with a white Diptyque candles and white calla lilies everywhere.

No sooner had we entered, than we were approached by a USA Today videographer doing a behind-the-scenes about the collection.

“So, what do you think?”

I tried to be tactful, it’s not a lot of stylists who can transition from advisor to creator. Victoria Bartlett does a good job over at VPL, but still it’s not a major brand and strictly for the Downtown girl.

“Well, I haven’t seen a lot but she’s done a nice job in that it’s age appropriate  and a lot of the looks resemble those she dresses her clients in. There’s the boho chic look [pointing to ruby forest devore t-shirt and maxi skirt] and I could see a young girls wearing the “black textured canvas petit tailleur” ie: a short skirt suit that a 17 year old with good legs can pull off. The 30 looks featured Zoe’s signature style – the floaty seventies chic, the one shoulder short party dress and skinny cigarette pantsuits here young Hollywood clientele go to her for. Hers is a head to toe styling proposition which includes big structured handbags that could pass for the Hermes Birkin she carries [at a distance] and her own famous face [black lined eyes, tan skin, center parted long blonde hair and high gloss nude lips].

Reflecting on it over some ice coffee at Starbucks, we concluded that it was imitation but not inspiration. That is not necessarily a bad thing as this collection is akin to Garanimals for the twenty year old set who want to look au courant but may not know just how to get that  look on an assistant’s salary. Hopefully, the collection will remain in their price range and be available on QVC.

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