The Right Time and the Right Place: FNO – Marisa Berenson at Donna Karan, Uptown

11 Sep

Text, Vivian Kelly

FNO  [Fashion Night’s Out] was way more relaxed than it was a year ago because this year, we determined which neighborhood was the right place to be. We got the location right – the Upper East Side, but failed the right time portion of it in one of our three picks. This year, we were determined to be in the right place at the right time.

Stop #1 was the Donna Karan Store , where super nova star Marisa Berenson, just happened to be posing at the time we walked in, alternatively with Donna as well as with her new book, Marisa Berenson: A Life in Pictures. Sometimes, being small is an asset; in this case I wormed my way in between the hefty photogs and the 4 feet separating me and one of my fashion icons. Just in case, our Video Vixen, Lisa Johnson, snapped a shot of M.B. too.


Talk about clever marketing – there were a mere 50 of the lush coffee table books available and after that, Marisa stopped signing. It’s the old limited edition play, but it works everytime, and the crowds surged forward to get one before they were gone. I opted to wait as in two weeks, Rizzoli will make the book available for sale to the rest of us. After the lucky shot, I flitted over to the author table and flipped through the book. Yes, there they were, the images of Marisa that ran in the Sixties, when Diana Vreeland was in charge of the look of American Fashion, first at Harper’s Bazaar, and then at Vogue.  Marisa was a Vogue fixture between 1967 – 1970. Below, her January 1967 cover for US Vogue.

Our next two stops will be the subject of posts to come later this week: designer Lisa Perry and her Pan Am stewardess inspired collection, the Assouline Rio Themed party at their Plaza Hotel shop, and finishing FNO with  a visit with Ben Krigler at the Krigler boutique in the Plaza shops. All of the above did something really special for me – they all brought me back to respective times and places where I would give my eyeteeth to have been.

Just a hint: Lisa Perry and Pan Am = early Sixties glam, when you almost felt like a member of the jet set when you flew the Pan Am NY- Paris route.

Assouline’s Rio Style, curated by Armand Limnander  = Rio fun and games. Who wouldn’t want to experience the biggest party of the year on one of the world’s most celebrated beaches?

Krigler = the first true celebrity fragrance – ie: they wore it because they really loved it – no endorsement deal needed.


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