The Duckie Brown s/s2012 Fashion Show at Industria Superstudios

10 Sep

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Studio 5, around 1:30p.m.

Text, Vivian Kelly

Here we were at Industria Superstudios, with lighting so beautiful that it can’t be duplicated in Lincoln Center, no matter how skilled the lighting techs are. Yeah, it’s out of the way, an after some internal grousing in the cab on the way, I snapped out of it because I already knew that it was a good collection and I’d go anywhere the Duckies were doing a show.

The theme – [ I knew from the August preview, so I didn’t have to guess] – was young toughs from  London’s East End who inspired Steven on a recent trip to London. The boy-men had side parted school lad hair morphed with a Russian gangster attitude, which said, “Do not look at me and do not mess with me.”

The real boys walking the London streets wear slouchy tracksuits. This dapper Duckie group wears tracksuits in silk rip stop nylon, some with hoods.  Some even wore rose print short sets, which on anyone else, done by anyone else would have seemed ridiculous.

The opposite was true here. If you’re equipped with the right attitude, you can wear anything you wish and it will look right.

The only real surprise was the absence of Mrs. Brown, as Daniel had me try on a gorgeous scrunchy cream leather jacket in the softest leather ever.

She was there in spirit however, as some of her sensibility leaked into the latest Duckie men’s collection.  Maybe next season, but in the meantime, I’m glad I was “good” at the preview and only looked at the leather jacket on Mrs. Brown’s rack because there’s nothing like a formal introduction to what I strongly suspect will become one of my favorite women’s brands.


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