Rambo’s Beauty Picks: Rambo loves GUCCI’s “Flora” fragrance

6 Sep


Edited by V.K.

VK and I have been looking for a fragrance for her to wear – for a really long time, as in before I came on the scene and became TheFE’s official mascot!

Before I came and helped-out, she had lots of expert help and guidance – that cool guy, Levi Pharaoh, the PR for MIN New York and Uncle Mark [Behnke] who’s the Managing Editor of Basenotes.

In the end, she finally figured it out after I suggested she go to Lord & Taylor and try a bunch of fragrances without paying attention which famous name was associated with it.

[I told her Chanel No. 5 had a cool bottle but was too strong for her. Too bad she wasted her time anyhow and tried it out, only to find that the new “lighter” version smelled like cheap soap on her.]. YAWN…

I know – I told her not to go for the name, but I DO love GUCCI, especially old-school like the Jackie bag and the run horsebits because they’re shiny. I also love our friend, Essie [Weingarten’s] name for one of her nail polishes, “Guchi Muchi Puchi”. ME-OWW!

She came home that day – hours later – after my daytime 5 hour nap – and showed me a pretty white box.

Before BFF Ollie and I came over to investigate, we hopped onto the Internet and found a really good write-up on the fragrancebouquet blog. We finally did some NEt research because Ollie almost got knocked-out by some of the stuff we’ve been collecting over the years. Check-out Ollie, on the job.

ANyhow, here is why I approve of GUCCI “Flora” as VK’s new scent

1. It has great history. The write-up on Fragrance Bouquet said that  it was inspired by Grace Kelly – and she’s one of our all-time fashion icon faves!

2.  Frida Gianini is cool – maybe even better than Tom Ford was at doing the Gucci thing

3. Frida’s also smaaaart, she brought-back the scarf print Grace wore in the s/s2009 collection. I saw a pair of ballet flats with it at Deja Vu on THE HUNT. Maybe we should have jumped on that….

4. It smells nice but it’s not “too too”. I hate when people come over and stink up my space with obnoxious fragrances. Once, I even had to run to my attic sanctuary – it was soooo bad.

5. Oh yeah, back to the box. It’s pretty! and it’s just big enough for me to curl up and sleep inside the top part. All this talk of sleeping and the pre-NY Fashion Week activity has me EX-haus-ted but I’ll be back next week after I meet some pretty models backstage and tell you what to do with your hair and makeup for spring.  Ta ta!


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