God Save My Shoes – A Must-See Documentary featuringChristian Louboutin

30 Aug

Text, Vivian Kelly

This year has been a good one for fashion documentaries. There was the one about Bill Cunningham, the one on Duckie Brown, and now this one about some of the world’s foremost shoemakers [let’s just call them MAGICIANS] opening later on this month.

One of the highlights of the film is the section on Christian Louboutin and his red soled creations that cause women everywhere to abandon all reason and happily spend over $600 for a pair. Admittedly, as a runner, I don’t wear heels and have already endured 2 bunion surgeries. That annoying fact though doesn’t dampen my desire to own a pair of Louboutins, which I would then display in a plexi glass case lit from the bottom. They’re art right? So, why not?

My great friend, Theadora Brack, Paris Correspondent for EuroCheapo, brought this film  to my attention a few weeks ago, and then again today, with the newsflash that it opens October 4th. For the lucky few, there is an invitation-only  event in Manhattan, at the very beginning of NYFW, on September 7 and the Paris Theater, 4 West 58th Street. Fittingly, it’s around the corner from Bergdorf Goodman.

Below, a little preview to whet your appetite.

For more information go to:

CAID Productions

Tel: 212-537-5785

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