Hair Happiness – the In-Styler- taking hair from bad to rad

27 Aug

Text, Vivian Kelly

Before the email from the lovely Cheryl Buscema of Siren PR and that life-changing afternoon meeting when I got to meet  celebrity hair stylist, Dean Banowetz, my hair possibilities were limited – to say the very least.

A “good day” meant no frizz, wavy bumps  and no cowlicks and the ability to put my hair into a stubby ponytail. [yes, the growing-out process is still on].

As I flipped through my monthly issues of Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and W, I admired the sleek straight hair in Carmen Kass wore in Michael Kors ads season after season and the sleek chignons in the new “Mad Men” collection Banana Republic is promoting, that sort of hair was never in my personal realm of possibility. My admiration was always detached as without a hair magician such as Leonard Zagami or one of Oribe’s wizards doing their magic on my hair, that kind of hair was just  never going to happen to me.

All of this changed after I met Dean in the Setai’s zen-like Library Room during MBMiami Swim Week. He demoed his creation – the in-styler on Cheryl, who has beautiful long chestnut hair. I was impressed but I was still a tad emotionally removed, that is until he worked the magic wand through my short bob. To say that it was not a good hair day up until that point would be putting it kindly. It was around 2:00p.m., and I’d been out running from hotel to hotel on market appointments in the humid mid-summer Miami heat with my hair yanked away from my face in a ponytail.

Seeing is believing and as Dean started working the wand through the first strand of my tangles, Kooba Gooding Junior’s insolent voice whined in my brain, “show me the money!” Less than five minutes later, the voice was silenced as I looked in the huge mirror and saw a perfectly coiffed bob.

Dean pronounced it, “too perfect” and mussed it up a bit before spraying it and letting me leave, with my own in-styler to go.  Good hair is life-changing. As I walked out of the Setai, I couldn’t wait to see people I knew to show them my hair – a feeling I’d only experienced after a really good shorter than short hair cut at Oribe’s and when Anthony Palermo dyed my hair an amazing copper red.

I always like to share my findings and to get an opinion. Once back home in CT, I had Junior Editor Juliette and her friends try the in-styler out. If super critical teen cheerleaders liked it, the in-styler was the equivalent of a record that’s gone platinum.

An hour later, they marched into my FE Home office and pronounced the in-styler “really LEGIT” and preened and posed to show the results. As Dean had explained, you can create waves and flip up your hair with the in-styler, as well as straighten it.

Some final notes, even though my hair is colored and roughed-up from color, the in-styler did not dry my hair out as the typical straightening iron does, because

Below, the 411 of this rotating straightener and curling iron the WORKS with a minimum of damage to your locks.

THE INSTYLER is the first-ever rotating straightener and curling iron that infuses volume and shine into the hair while styling.  This multipurpose hot iron is designed to offer maximum styling benefits and professional results all in one easy-to-use tool, allowing women to style their hair like a pro without the difficulty of managing a blow dryer, flat iron, curling iron or big round brush.  THE INSTYLER has a built-in brush that works together with a heated rotating barrel to create a variety of curly or straight looks, while polishing, smoothing and volumizing the hair. The rotating heated cylinder is also beneficial compared to a traditional flat iron because the barrel is constantly moving while distributing heat evenly to the hair, never remaining in one spot for a long period of time.

THE INSTYLER ($119) is available at getinstyler.com”

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