Grooming at the Duckie Brown spring 2012 Preview – Conair’s i-stubble trimmer

23 Aug

Text, Vivian Kelly

There’s not much going on in the dogdays of summer in New York when it comes to fashion. I was surprised and thrilled to receive an email from friend, Daniel Silver, to attend the Duckie Brown spring 2012 show preview.

“Preview?” I wondered, knowing from my years at Michael Kors that designers are loathe to reveal the goods until show day.

As I kept reading, I understood, the Duckies would reveal the goodies so early -on because this was a  grooming-based event, and as such, it made sense.

The grooming turned out to be Conair‘s i-Stubble trimmer for Men. This trimmer is kind of like the Rolls Royce of trimmers as it has 15 ultra-precise length settings. So, if you want that “Dirty Harry” look, you can get it at home with the i-Stubble. The Duckies’ Steven Cox gamely demoed the i-Stubble and went from a beard to a chic stubble. Have a look at the “before” and “after” looks.

So how does this play into what the models will look like into the show?

The inspiration for this season’s collection the Duckies told me was “a rough boy-man from London’t East End, who’s out and about in a tracksuit.

Of course, this being Duckie Brown, their version of a tracksuit is a highly refined one, made of beautiful silk-nylon [more refined than the one my Prada bag is made of]. Although the black one we looked at was definitely comfortable, it was as always, impeccably tailored.

Beyond that, I made a concerted effort to look AWAY from the racks- especially the Mrs. Brown ones so that I’d have the thrill of seeing a collection that would make my blood boil. Steven let me see one Mrs. Brown piece and I got to try it on! The shrunken leather jacket is a winner – it’s cream [I love all things cream and nude colored] and “as soft as buttah” with some major zippers that give it that cool Paris Girl look, maybe a little Jane Birkin?

Beyond that, my lips are zipped but all will be revealed on September 9th at 1:00p.m. when the Duckies unveil Duckie and Mrs. Brown at Industria Superstudios during NYFW. Until then!


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