A Winning Ad Campaign – Joe’s Jeans and Paz de la Huerta

21 Aug

Text, Vivian Kelly

Images of Campaign, courtesy of Paul Wilmot Communications

Most ad campaigns tend to be kind of boring, so when something new comes along that’s out of the box it’s definitely worth a mention.

Earlier this summer, Lily Salembier of Paul Wilmot Communications sent me an email about something interesting Joe’s Jeans had come up with. For their 10th anniversary, Joe Jeans’ latest ad campaign is featuring gorgeous actress, Paz de la Huerta.

Paz is  of particular interest as she’s one one of the stars of HBO’s award winning series “Boardwalk Empire”. Her character, Lucy Danziger, a former Zigfield Folly’s Girl, is  wild and sexy and totally in character with her classic looks and pouty red lips.

Creative Director Joe Dahan and photographer Tao Ruspoli had Paz pose for the campaign images based on a classic movie star story. Ruspoli shot  Paz in Fellini’s cinematic style. The campaign is based on a classic movie story and follows Paz through the various acts of her performance.

The series begins with Paz in full flight on a vintage merry-go-round horse – (Coated Skinny Micro Flare in Fiona and lace top).

The starlet’s closing scene has her  posed in front of her vanity mirror contemplating her lustful last performance (Skinny Micro Flare in Black and Sidonie shirt with tie). There’s something a bit voyeuristic about the campaign and it’s refreshing to see an interesting actress participate in an ad campaign that’s in character. Prior to seeing this campaign, Joe’s Jeans were just another high-end jeans brand. Thanks to this campaign, Joe’s is now a brand I’m paying attention to and one I WILL go into Neiman’s and try on. I’ve got to spend that $100 NM gift card on something….


The company began with concept of unique denim  that fits a range of diverse body types, not just model size zeros. Today’s enhanced fit selection includes such notable names as The Honey, The Provocateur and The Visionaire. In the past 10 years, Joe’s has added a casual, chic lifestyle collection for men, women and kids.

To learn more, visit joesjeans.com or Like Joe’s at facebook.com/joesjeans.

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