Fall Accessory Must-Have – the Nude Pump, Popularized by Kate Middleton

18 Aug

Text, Vivian Kelly

Oh Trends, Oh Trends, Oh Wherefort Art Thou?

That’s the refrain that keeps going through my head in terms of  how I’ll  be dressing for NYFW and for fall in general.

OK, I’ve been reading too much Shakespeare lately, but after a chat with friend, Meredith Garcia of The Fashion List, I realized that the answer is, There are precious few trends out there that as Daniel Silver of Duckie Brown said, ‘make my blood boil’ .

This prompted me to revisit W Magazine and some websites for inspiration. As it turns out, I found inspiration at the supermarket. Yes, Stop & Shop’s “People Special Fashion Issue” headline, “Kate’s Style Secrets!” got me back in the swing.

At the top of the list here were the nude pumps she’s been photographed wearing – a lot.  Although Kate is a style inspiration [I like her unpretentious style], I’m going to credit my friend, actor Pamme Jones for putting this nude shoe trend in front of me.  She came over for cocktails sometime in February, proudly sporting a pair of sky high nude pumps she’d gotten from DSW. The rest of her outfit was skinny jeans and a sweater. Not one of the women who were over could drag their eyes away from these pumps – we all wanted them.

Shortly afterwards, I spotted a similar pair at Kohl’s. Vera Wang had made a pair for her “Simply Vera” shoe line. The nude pump was just not a one-off though.

Earlier this month, I received an email from Melissa Edwards, of Clout Public Relations about a hot new shoe from one of my favorite shoe lines, Aruna Seth.

The Aruna Seth Nude ‘Samantha’ Pump” is the ultimate example of the nude pump that’s become a trend across a variety of price points. Melissa’s email below, says WHY.

 “It’s a wardrobe classic that not only elongates the leg, but serves as the perfect complement to the bold ready-to-wear trends of splashy patterns, prints and neon hues.”

Sure, you COULD wear a black shoe but it would look too heavy and draw too much attention, so it’s really not an option.

Kate Middleton and her “Sledge” patent  L.K. Bennetts have gotten the most play, but lots of other celebrities have snapped-up this wardrobe problem solver: Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Anniston, and Camilla Parker Bowles aka Duchess of Cornwall, wore them to Zara Phillips’ recent wedding to Mike Tindall.

What’s impressive is how varied this group of women is, and that’s what a good trend should be – something that works for a varied demographic.

There are a wide variety of options available.

Below, my picks for high, medium, and just playing [minimal $ investment].

HIGH END: Aruna Seth’s “Samantha” peep toe version at $705 is the ultimate in luxury.

MEDIUM: The ones Kate wears. “Sledge: pump by L.K. Bennett

[They aren’t available yet, but will be this fall].

JUST PLAYING: Arturo Chiang “Orina” platform pump, $69.99 at Dillard’s Department Stores. Two other options are the “Noemy” if you like a closed toe and the “Apple” if you have to have a peep toe.

As I don’t wear heels, I’m going to take it down a level and spent time this afternoon conferring with Felipe at Shoe Service discussing how best to dye my pristine white Bruno Maglis the perfect color of nude. The model- a pair of Chanel spectator flats in nude with black toe caps.

Daniel – my blood isn’t boiling, but the nude shoe trend has got it going at a nice slow simmer.

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