RAMBO’S PICKS: AUGUST 14 – Sleeping on Frette Sheets= BEAUTY

15 Aug

Frette” The Trademark of absolute prestige in the field of home couture throughout the world.”

My Editor, Vivian Kelly
This week, I want to talk about the importance of SLEEP as part of your beauty regimen. Look at ME and my big step-sis, AVON, if you need any proof that it works. Who wants to read boring studies in magazines like MORE, anyhow. ZZZZZZzzzz.
Below, is my dream crash pad. These are Frette sheets.
Sleep might not sound like a beauty problem I would take on, but after seeing a bunch of flight attendants over breakfast in Warwick, Rhode Island, I decided that not enough sleep is a beauty vampire – blue circles, bags, saggy lids and lips. Scary!!
I don’t have this problem. As a cat, it’s part of my religion to sleep at least 12 hours a night. There’s sleep and there’s sleep.
Okay, I like Ralph Lauren, but his sheets are only 250 thread count and are rough compared to the Frette Sheets I’m obsessed with.
WHY am I obsessed?
Easy, 5 reasons:
1. Frette sheets are white or cream and “go” with everything and you don’t get tired of them like the ones with prints on them.
2. They’re insanely soft and get softer and softer instead of falling apart with more washes like some other big brands but I don’t want to be “catty” and name names
3. We love Woodbury Commons and our Frette obsession gives us a reason to drop into Woodbury. I like it so much I might actually get into that ugly blue nylon carrying case and come along. 
HINT: if I had that snazzy Burberry one we saw at the Baby Burberry store at the Westchester Mall, I’d be a lot more agreeable about going to get my shots at the evil vet.
4. My people are always redecorating, which is fine as long as there is something neutral around to balance it out. No, I didn’t come up with this on my own exactly, but I figured it out after looking at the pictures of that Assouline book, Gypset Style that’s on the bedside table and Aunt Demi said so too. She’s my Interior Decorator Auntie and knows everything about that.
5. Frette is luxury and I love luxury. This is a great investment when you think about it – yawn -[ all of this thinking is making me sleepy….]
You can buy a set of these sheets at Woodbury for under $100 and I can lay on them 12 hours a day. I can’t do that with a Vuitton bag – it’s just not comfy.
What are you waiting for? The only way to really know it to try sleeping on them with your cat companion or ik with a dog if you’re not lucky enough to have a kitty at home.
I’m soooo  sleeepy talking about Frette.
Next time, I’m going to tell you which creams you should use for anti-aging and which you need to toss.
Avon and I tried a bunch and we talked to our facialist, Adrianna, of Ricci Salon to find-out which ones are dog doo and which ones are the cat’s meow.
Ciaow Meow!

One Response to “RAMBO’S PICKS: AUGUST 14 – Sleeping on Frette Sheets= BEAUTY”

  1. Hayidan's Intuition August 15, 2011 at 10:10 am #

    I lOve those bags up top. Nice post. 😉

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