MBFW SWIM 2012: THE DINEILA BRAZIL PRESS PREVIEW- A Hot hot hot Capsule Collection

9 Aug

Text, Vivian Kelly

The Raleigh Penthouse
Miami, FL

This capsule collection was the result of swim designer Neila Rudden teaming up with Sports Illustrated hottie, Chrissy Teigen, to create a colorful collection for DiNeila Brazil’s Swim 2012 offerings. It’s good to have an actual model involved in design process, as they are hyper-aware of the fit, having actually worn the clothes in question. Teigen’s hand in, helps explain the excellent fit of the sleek one-pieces the handful of models showed off as guests sipped on cocktails and bopped to the music DJ Nektar played throughout the presentation.

As it turns out, the DJ is also a talented new accessories designer – check-out the fabric, crystal and bead chokers the models are wearing. I wouldn’t have known, but luckily Miami friend, Karelle Levy [designer of KrelWear and the fantastic “Quickie Couture” – I’ve always got the gray vest she made me in my car] was with me, giving me inside info just like this. I made a note to connect with Nektar at a later date and see more.

For the rest of the runway coverage of this outstanding capsule collection, read on at The Fashion List.

Aloha! Until tomorrow.


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