Retro Chic, Brigitte Bardot style at the Have Faith Swim Show, Miami Beach

5 Aug

Text, Vivian Kelly

The Raleigh, Cabana Grande
Miami, Fl

This Swim week, there were a lot of group shows.  A group show is hard to pull-off. For one thing, there’s always the risk that your brand [in this case swimsuits] will get lost in the mix.

One of the highlights of this group show which featured: A.Z. Araujo, Aguaclara, Aqualrella Swimwear and Have Faith Swimwear, was the HAVE FAITH segment.

This was largely because the model in the adorable red and white striped top and highwaisted denim bikini reminded me of Brigitte Bardot in her Riviera HeyDey, circa 1962. The model also looked astonishingly like Paris Hilton.


To read more about the group show and to view additional images, read my complete coverage on The Fashion List.

A bientot!

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