Tootsie’s – Miami Beach’s Go-To Accessories and Beauty Secret

4 Aug

Text, Vivian Kelly

Okay, so the title to this post is a bit misleading. I’m hoping that after reading this and watching the video, Tootsie’s won’t be a secret any more.

I first went there 2 or 3 years ago, while attending Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim. Prior to leaving, I’d been on deadline and desperately needed a pedicure as MBFW Swim is all about wearing Havaiana flip flops; the Oasis tent at the Raleigh has a sand floor. The idea – you’re at the beach and relaxing while watching the show, not working.

Tootsie’s carried quite a few Havaianas, including hard to find ones like “Wonder Woman” with the gold straps. [I bought them this time, finally – last pair!].

This MBFW Swim, I’d set aside Monday morning as my “shopping/HUNT” day, and went about hitting some of my favorites, but ran out of time and didn’t make it into the Oribe Salon on Euclid or to Base and Jonathan Adler on Lincoln Road, or to see Gabriella at The Jewelry Connection on 16th between Washington and Collins for yet another knuckle-busting costume cocktail ring.

FORTUNATELY, I DID make it to Tootsie’s on Washington, just around the corner from Lincoln Road sucking down the last of my 31 oz. Arnold Palmer “Trenta” ice tea from Starbucks. There were CLOTHES there and a framed rave editorial in Allure Magazine. I mentally crossed-off a few other stops on my list and decided to really look around.

I was rewarded by scoring some quality time with Robert Radice, the owner who explained the amazing selection of caftans, and accessories you can now pick up there. If you love accessories, or even just like them, you must go here. A fun ethnic print caftan in shocking purple or parrot green can make you feel as glamorous as Liz Taylor when she vacationed with Richard [Burton] at their Mexican Villa in Puerto Vallarta between takes of  “Cleopatra”.

If you’re not someone who would ever wear a caftan, there are beaded bags and clutches that are hard to pass-by, especially as they’re under $60.

If the bags don’t get you, the Havaianas will, because Tootsie’s is a   I walked out with 4 pair, 1 for each member of the family. Since you’ll doubtlessly leave wearing a pair of Havaianas, you may as well get a mani-pedi when you’re at it. Best to make a reservation, as the day I arrived, the crew of Tom Cruise’s new musical “Rock of Ages” had just called to book it solid for mani-pedis. I wonder if Tom himself every strolled in?

Watch the video of my conversation with Robert as he explains his retail strategy and what’s on tap at Tootsie’s.

Shopping Info:

Tootsie’s nail Salon & boutique

open 7 days a week – Open @ 11a.m.

Tel: 305.674.0068

Facebook: tootsie’s nail salon

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