The High Waisted Hot Pant at Norma Kamali=Incomparable Old Hollywood Glamour

25 Jul

Text, Vivian Kelly

While stuck in traffic on I-95 heading South to Greenwich, I started filling my editor in about the content I’d be delivering as this season’s contributing writer for The Fashion List.

R.Scott French asked me what I liked at the Mercedes Benz Miami Swim Shows I’d just attended. I didn’t have to think hard and rattled-off: “Molly Grad’s Gottex, Mara Hoffman Resort, Norma Kamali and for accessories, Melissa Shoes.

With the exception of Mara Hoffman, all of these shows and presentations took place off-campus, ie: not at the Raleigh.

He replied, “Right, the biggies, yes, they’re good.”

The item I probably liked the best was the retro high-waisted hot pant the designers proposed as a bikini bottom. Granted, these three were not the only places I saw it but I was smitten by the Norma Kamali Resort models, PR Manager Sari Rifkin showed me at the laid-back trunk show on the roof of 1111 Collins Avenue, at the Dream South Beach’s Highbar.
Sari operated at New York City hyper-speed, despite the stultifying heat and I saw a lot of suits in a little time. These are the best kinds of presentations – they’re intimate as in you can talk to the models and ask them to pose just so [and they oblige minus the eye rolling you tend to get backstage at a big show].

Norma’s been designing beautiful pieces you want to LIVE in since she started out in 1974 and is known for her flattering pieces that are easy to pack and can be worn seemingly umpteen ways. True, she does magic with Poly Jersey, and those were great, but there was a gorgeous mesh with rhinestones that was irresistible in natural and grey. The Tie Swim Bottom looks vaguely diaper like but it’s sassy and offers coverage at the same time. As such, it qualifies as a high waisted hot pant.

I go into greater detail in my post for The Fashion List which will be going live in the next week or so, but in the meantime, here’s a pictorial of what I saw up on the rooftop.



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