Groovy Gadgets- Benny Rosset’s Cia. Maritima Microsoft PC

22 Jul

WHAT & WHERE: The Windows PC Summer Showcase 8:30 -10 – the Raleigh Penthouse

Text, Vivian Kelly

Once upon a time, tech was geeky. No more – hipsters shell out big bucks to have the latest gadget, whether it be a Blackberry, IPad, Iphone, digital camera or a computer. It’s gotten to the point that you are starting to become defined by what tech toys you possess. My computer is like another body part considering how much I use it, so it’s got to be fun and fashionable. Tech, like cars and designer handbags, has become a status symbol.

Like many of you, I constantly change my laptop’s screensaver and will probably order the Twelve South computer case Theadora carries around when she’s reporting in Paris for Euro Cheapo.

While going up to the Penthouse, I thought that Microsoft was going to be showing us screensavers of exotic prints from Cia. Maritima and wondered whey they would do an event for this. Cool screensavers onto themselves are nothing new.  Last year, Microsoft gave us some designer stickers to adorn our laptops and those were fun but stickers start to peel and then you have to deal with getting the sticky residue off.

What was actually on display upstairs was much more exciting: limited edition Cia Maritima laptops!

This latest fashion meets tech collaboration between Microsoft and Cia. Maritima features Benny Rosset’s eye-popping turquoise/blue or purple/pink designs. There’s nothing like a limited edition of – fill in the blank – to get my blood going. Remember the Limited Edition Diane Von Furstenberg phone? It sold out as soon as it became available. I wasn’t quick enough and missed out.

No, we didn’t get a laptop, but Windows gave us a little candy – a wireless Press Lounge in the Raleigh Hotel Lobby, equipped with some PCs to work on in-between shows. I was happy to take advantage of the convenience and to take mini breaks to gaze at black and white photos of my favorite style icons on the lobby’s wall of fame: Kim Novac, Jackie and John Kennedy, Greta Garbo etc etc. Heaven!

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