The Cat’s Meow: Rambo’s Beauty Paws’ Up for July 12: Body Shop Body Butter Duo

13 Jul

Text, Vivian Kelly

As we all know, cats are finicky. What you might not know is that cats are a favorite; I’ll dare say, the animal of choice with many fashionistas. Vogue’s Grace Coddington even co-wrote a book with partner, Didier Malige. Check out THE CATWALK cats on, and you’ll see what I mean.

Back to our beauty pick of the week. I say “our” because FE  furry darling, RAMBO, is the first to jump on the Fedex boxes that comes into the office, but not any old Fedex. There is a SELECTION PROCESS in play here.

This week, Rambo’s purring about  the Body Shop’s  Body Butter Duo Beure Corporel in Macadamia.

Cats have a notoriously short attention span, so Rambo’s reasons are short and sweet.

WHY we love Duo Beure Corporel in Macadamia

  1. It smells delicious.
  2. The jar is easy to slip into your gym bag or even your purse if your skin is feeling particularly dry after a weekend spent on the beach or at the pool. That kind of exposure requires lots of hydration. If you skip moisturizing that beautiful tan you’ve gotten will flake right off. Ugh.  The jar is slim, compared to the copycat brands – you know who you are!
  3. We already liked the Body Shop’s regular body butter but even THAT is not always enough. More specifically, my heels are always dry and Eucerin is great but just to greasy for sandals. Same goes for my cuticles. Half of Body Duo is just for “Dry Skin Areas”.
  4.  It’s rich – even the  ½ that’s for “Normal Skin Areas”
  5. This jar of skin relief was free, courtesy of our friends at Bratskeir & Company. Thanks!

If Macadamia is not for you, consider the other flavors: Acai, Vanilla, and Sweet Pea.

I’m sticking with the Macadamia because Rambo says, “This is the cat’s Meow!”


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