The Good, the Bad, and the Blah -Fashion Ad Campaigns- as Proposed by

4 Jul

Text, Vivian Kelly

After checking on what  fellow-blogger, Alessia F.’s was blogging about on Luello, I was inspired to chime in with some of my thoughts about the latest and not always greatest, fashion ad campaigns. DO click on the above link to read all of her witty remarks on just about every fall campaign out there.

I’ve chosen a few from her wrap-up and have awarded them the following titles:

The Good

The bad/the ugly

and worst of all…The mediocre/blah-why bother

Let’s start with THE GOOD – Louis Vuitton

Who doesn’t like puppies, at least from a distance? Add great bags, a sweet ride and a little “Night Porter” [the caps], and you’ve got a GOOD campaign. Thumbs up to Marc Jacobs and Bernard Arnaud for this one.

Also GOOD, and a little bit dangerous….

I can’t top Alessia’s tag for this one: “Jimmy Choo- Very “Mad Men” (Note Don Draper sipping scotch in the background)”.

It’s got a little bit of that dangerous femme fatale from the days when Tom Ford was designing Gucci and directing their ad campaigns.

More Tom Ford crossed with Helmut Newton woman as dominatix, woman on top action.

And now, for the BAD

The award goes to [and I hate to do this] …Marc Jacobs.

I love everything he does but sometimes, it’s just too weird, like here.

Helena Bonham Carter is a good actress, and I guess she’s having fun, but this ad is NOT getting me into the store. I’m of the school of thought that fashion should be aspirational. This ad reminds me of having one too many at the Voodoo Lounge years ago in NYC and shoving a few fellow revelers aside to retch into the toilet. Or maybe it was the Robots bar… Memories – ugh.

And now for a big no-no in fashion: Thou shalt not be BORING.

Fitting the bill for this dish-honor is Prada. Again, another of my face fashion houses but who wants to buy anything from a wax figurine?

I’ll finish with a final bogey category – the irrelevant. I’ve watched Tommy Hilfiger for years and it’s a d–n shame. He and his team make good, wearable clothes. In fact, I own some pieces, such as a blue quilted car jacket, a long fitted black double face coat and a striped bikini of excellent quality.

Question: What do they all of the above have in common?

Answer: They’re basics.

I’m going to argue that basics are not really fashion; they’re basics, like egg white omeletes are to my daily diet. Fashion is like caviar – delicious and not for everyday. It’s special and boy do you ever want some!

As I gaze at the tableau of the overcrowded country house, I don’t long to join in and to be part of it.

On the other hand, girls in the LV car and puppy ad – Move over, darlings, I’d love to join you!


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