I’m Goin’ to Miami! [The Mercedes-Benz Miami Swim Shows] and Casa Casuarina

1 Jul

Text, Vivian Kelly

I think this is my 5th Mercedes Benz Miami Swim Show. Am I sick of it? No, for two reasons.

#1. I’ll be covering for The Fashion List and will have a chance to work with Ed Kavische, one of my favorite fashion photographers

#2: Casa Casuarina

Two years ago, I played tourist and bought my $50 ticket to take a tour of the inside of Gianni Versace’s former Miami Play palace. I’d had enough of simply gawking at the magnificent exterior and fantasizing about what lay inside.

Once in, it exceeded my expectations. I was transported in a time machine back to the early Nineties, when Gianni hosted huge soirees with names such as “Linda” Naomi” “Donatella” were shouted above the blasting music. There by the pool Gianni designed, I saw Gianni in his white linen shirt toasting Bruce Weber and laughing with a gaggle of gorgeous boy-men. A lucky few would get to model in the ad campaign with Stephanie Seymour and the other Supers.

In the end, one of the boys who passed through at one of the parties killed Gianni and now the mansion is hotel/luxury residence and no longer part of the Versace holdings.

No matter, Allegra Versace’s fantastical floral room is still a marvel and so is the bathroom that Madonna used on her frequent visits there.

It’s my birthday during Miami Swim and you guessed it. My gift to myself is another tour through Casa – the jewel in South Beach’s glittering crown.

What’s old is new again. Lady Gaga wore vintage Versace recently and it looks anything but dated. This may be her best look yet.

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