The HUNT – Deja Vu – Pucci, Chloe and More

20 Jun

Text, Vivian Kelly

You already know that I’m a fan and frequent shopper at Déjà Vu’s Portchester, NY location for many reasons.


Designer junkies, everything there is designer – no Talbott’s or Ann Taylor or Banana Republic, thank you. Instead it’s Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Burberry, Chloe etc etc.


Price matters. I’m one for finding a diamond in the rough and bestowing it with some TLC [repairs]. If I wanted something that was in mint condition, I’d buy it at full retail. That however goes against my Yankee thrifty streak and my checkbook just can’t afford it anyhow. Sometimes, though, the item is mint – like the Chloe bag in the Video below.

  1. THE SALES STAFF, ie: Inga and Regina

Inga is a gem. She’s someone who could “sell ice to Eskimos” and she knows how to layer a sale like the sharpest sales associates at Bergdorf. The mark of a great sales person is that they do not allow you to spend your money on something that doesn’t suit you. THAT is called building a long term relationship.

The owner, Regina, knows her fashion and helped me identify a phoney Chanel bag I bought at a vintage fair with the understanding that it was the real deal. It took Regina 5 seconds to determine that it was not.  With her verdict, came 4 things that were “wrong” with the bag.

Although I was heart-broken, I recovered after she showed me a puffy navy nylon Chanel – a Lily Allen cocoon bag. She reduced the price a bit and a few weeks later, I owned a REAL Chanel. It’s currently my favorite bag.

Most recently, I dropped in to see if there were any long flowy dresses on the floor or an amazing bag. Paydirt, on both scores.

In the Video below, Inga shows-off a mint Chloe bag with whipstitch detail and a vintage Pucci dress that’s ideal for my upcoming Miami trip.


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