Hot Summer Nails – Chanel, OPI, and Essie too

14 Jun

Text, Vivian Kelly

Suffice it to say that nails are an area in which  even the least adventurous of you can have fun, especially when it comes to toe polish. For summer, Chanel came-out on top but there are some cheaper alternatives at OPI from their “Pirates of the Caribbean” collection that work.

I decided on a more muted color for my hands – OPI’s Dulce de Leche as a Sixties’ type ladylike  nude that style icon Gloria Guinness may have liked.

After surveying my white and beige summer wardrobe though, I decided that  I really NEEDED Chanel’s Morning Rose or Mimosa for my feet.  My legs are still too pale for the Essie Tart Deco I put on yesterday. The latter is a color that’s meant for well-tanned skin. What tipped the scale for me re the Chanel, was a blog entry from  fashion polish  which showed the bottle and how it looked on someone’s hand…surprisingly, great! It was worth my $26 and change investment.

The next day, I sped over to Lord & Taylor and pre-bought “Mimosa” [a Seventies’ smiley face yellow] but sadly, it was “a fail” on my nails. As a pedicure color however, it gets a big thumbs up, especially if you’re sticking to this summer’s nude and white clothing palette. Mimosa makes for a great color shot. Let a great polish be one of your key accessories this summer.

Polish is just the beginning of some affordable accessories for summer.

What else? Coming soon:   Tignanello offers equestrian bags in a variety of stylish silhouettes including the crossbody, satchel and backpack shapes seen below.  My favorite is their utility flap satchel with a pretty inner lining that looks a bit like Etro. For $89, it’s a great option for the money. All of the Tignanello bags in this grouping retail for under $100 at Macy’s.

Next, consider picking up some costume jewelry. I’ll be checking out the latest from Carolee as well as some Dior makeup tonight after the Carolee/Dior event at Bloomingdales’ NYC, and be reporting back to you. I’ve got my eye on the Seventies’ inspired cabachon drop earrings in turquoise, but will also have my eye on some pretty classics for every day.


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