Pretty for Summer: Beach Babes at Shiseido, MAC and Chanel

8 Jun

Text, Vivian Kelly

This summer think of your cosmetics color palette as SURF + TURF. This does not mean cosmetics companies want you to look like a lobster or like you’re trying to recreate the colors of a tequila sunrise on your eyelids. The eyes have it though. Your lipstick should be bare and shimmery.

To explain: The surf part is the beautiful navy blues on tap such as Shiseido‘s liquid eyeliner. It’s surprisingly easy to apply and even if you muff it as I did today, you can smear the mistake away. Better still, it stays on nicely even if you’re exercising. It survived a workout of 30 minutes on the VersaClimber and 30 minutes of free weights. The only other things you need to complete the eye look are some gorgeous eye shadow shades and some bullet proof mascara. Shiseido is again the source for that. They make it easy – there’s only one palette [yes, one] to choose from, but it’s got the right terra-cotta and navy colors in it .    You are good to go with “Night Sky” eyeliner and “Pink Sands” shadow palette.

The mascara’s that has the right stuff is Dolce & Gabanna’s waterproof version. It’s a minor luxury but getting to hold the rectangular gold wand makes it worth the price. Saks Fifth Avenue has an amazing selection and if you can get to the Fifth Ave. flagship, do. It’s worth it for the decor and the experience.

For lips we had to venture out to the Dept. stores and to le Mall. MAC’s selections were more daring whereas Chanel’s were  softer and less dramatic. Both are beautiful and completely wearable.

SO, what to wear with all this gorgeous new makeup? Watch the vid below, for some suggestions.

Don’t forget the nails! Hot summer nails are the subject of a post later this week.


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