Mrs. Brown Makes her Debut – Duckie Brown for Women

3 Jun

Text, Vivian Kelly

I’ve always loved Duckie Brown. First, it was about the clothes, after experiencing my first Duckie Brown collection thanks to Tim Blanks and Beth Blake urging me to watch that long ago show.  It was extraordinary, even back then, because Steven Cox and Daniel Silver dared to propose that men should be adventurous in their daily dress, have fun getting dressed. It worked because the clothes were wearable and beautifully tailored, something that is indispensable to the well-dressed man. Sure, there were a few styles that only the most evolved males would “get” – thus the strong Japanese following. Every season, I fell in love with at least one item that hit the runway: a sweeping apple green coat, a gorgeous white cashmere coat, drop crotch pants I’d trade in for women’s harem pants – any day.

Then, after a few years I got to meet the designers and was honored to get an inside look at the 2 brains that are collectively, “Duckie Brown”. Back during the Holiday Season, they told me there would be a Mrs. Brown, and I ran a piece about it here, on The Fashion Examiner.


Mrs. Brown was however, not ready to come-out officially, so we’ve had to wait.

TODAY, is the day. It is official. Front-page official, on Mrs. Brown has made her debut.

The first line of Vanessa Lau’s article best describes the Duckies’ unique aesthetic – “Duckie Brown’s Steven Cox and Daniel Silver have always been fearless with their men’s wear designs, openly flirting with what some might dub more feminine overtures…”

I had much the same experience during my pre-show interview back in February, minutes before their men’s fall2011 show. What Marc Indelicato said about why he liked Duckie [enough variety to appeal to his many sartorial moods] struck me. His male/female look kept me sneaking glances at him while I waited to talk to Daniel and Steven. There was something there. Androgyny perhaps? I decided to explore the question of androgyny with the duo.

I wasn’t happy with the term “Androgyny”, as it seems dated and brings to mind my poster of the priceless Grace Jones, in “Nightclubbing” which hangs in my house. Grace did it well back then making men and women both want to wear those sharp-shouldered pant suits.

The current Duckie silhouette though, is softer and I could easily see myself in those slouchy pants – a refreshing alternative to skinny jeans. No?

Watch the video below to see what the Duckies have to say about this topic.

Viva la Duckie!


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