THE HUNT – the FE’s Farmington Finds

31 May

Text, Vivian Kelly

This past Memorial Day Weekend, I took THE HUNT to the Farmington, CT. area. I ended up, kind of predictably, at the West Farms Mall in Farmington, in search of a prom dress.[oops, sorry, Middleschool graduation dance dress]. That was “a fail”, the best find being a white lace-covered cocktail dress that looked to white and too cheap, at Forever 21. The distressed denim overall shorts were adorable and cute in that Daisy Duke like way but we passed as we were on a mission, and it wasn’t for overalls this time around.

The two shopping trips to Westfarms though, were not a total loss though, and here’s why.

Louis Vuitton anyone? The Louis V. store at the Westfarm Malls was closed, but the Sweet Factory was not. It was there that I found a mini LV monogram attaché case $2.99 – mints included.  I snagged the last one.

Speaking of LV, there were a lot of Louis out and the denim Louis was the most popular followed by the standard issue original monogram. Both models were large sized, as were the taupe leather beauties in the window. Total LV’s spotted on 2 trips to the mall – 6.

The HUNT requires energy, ie: food and as a life-long diner aficionado, I insisted we go find one BEFORE shopping. Found – the New Britain diner, winner for “Best Breakfast”  award 2 years running. For under $25, we left with 2 enormous omelets with home fries, 1 giant muffin, 3 tire size pancakes and a side order of scrambled eggs and 3 free 16 oz. juices as a thank you for trying them out.

Done with breakfast, it was time to hit Westfarms again, along with everyone else who decided they’d rather shop than water ski that holiday weekend. Some other trends we spotted at the mall – buzz around the MAC Surf Limited Edition collection. While I didn’t buy the orchid color that had drawn me to the counter in the first place, I did  leave with a tube of VIVA GLAM IV – the perfect neutral shade of daytime red.

As far as the looming spectre of Father’s Day, the score was zip, but I have the email from Levi over at MIN New York to fall back on for that difficult shopping situation.


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