Don’t You Dare To Miss the Bus! “Discover Shiseido” – bus hopping nationwide beauty tour – Rolling in at a City Near YOU

26 May

Text, Vivian Kelly

The bus tour that’s the subject of this post is called “Discover Shiseido” . The multi-city bus tour is the luxury cosmetics’ company’s 1st ever such endeavor.

Still though, “A bus?” you say. “Really?”

Yes, really. THIS is not the yucky downtown bound M1, not by a longshot.

This bus is a goodie-laden vehicle that any beauty lover needs to clear her calendar for if she’s anywhere near one of the key cities the Shiseido mobile  will be hitting.

Just what ARE “major cities?” you may ask.

On the list this time: NYC, DC,  Miami, Houston, LA, San Fran, Seattle, Chicago, Boston.

Ever since I snuck to the TV room, way past my bedtime to watch the late-late-late show “Moon Over Miami”,  [no volume] I’ve been besotted over this glamorous beach City. Many Mercedes-Benz Miami Fashion Weeks later, the luster is still there. This time, the glamour comes courtesy of the Shiseido bus stopping by.

Here’s what’s in store if you can get there, and it’s all FREE.

  • Complimentary Japanese facial massage services
  • Gift certificates for a complete facial treatment at participating Macy’s locations
  • Samples of Bio-Performance Super Corrective Serum.  As part of Shiseido’s worldwide best-selling skincare line, this serum regenerates aging cells to help reveal timeless skin in just one day.When the sample arrived, I tried it and I swear, my dry face felt less craggy the next morning. You really do see change in a day. That’s due to the potion’s hylaluronic acid doing its magic.  According to Company studies, an astonishing 97% of women see a reduction of deep wrinkles after using it for 3 weeks. Hopefully, I’ll be one of those lucky ladies.
  • Shiseido is giving away 100,000 samples through-out the course of the bus promo, so there’s more than enough to go around to try it for yourself and to give to some of your BFF’s.
  • Early bird special – the first person to check in at the trailer each day will receive a courtesy full-size bottle of the serum, valued at $80.

If you can’t make the bus, you still have another chance to be a winner by visiting Shiseido USA’s official Facebook page to enter to win a full collection of Shiseido Bio-Performance products (approximate retail value $1,000).

Again, that address is:

MORE FUN WITH SHISEIDO, via your laptop

The 3 brand ambassadors are documenting their experience including Aminat Ayinde, the runner up in ANTM –Aminat is posting daily on her Facebook page and on Shiseido’s Facebook page.

All things though must come to an end. This Shiseido initiative ends in mid-June. 

* I’ll be reporting on the results of using Shiseido’s Bio-Performance Super Corrective Serum at the end of June, here!

Below, a little bit of Shiseido history. After reading this, you’ll agree that Shiseido is one of those rare “venerable brands”.

Shiseido History Lesson

Shiseido stepped into the world of cosmetics in 1897 with the introduction of Eudermine. As its formula was based on the research of Dr. Nagayoshi Nagai of Tokyo Imperial University, who had studied at Berlin University, Shiseido aimed to use scientific methods to develop high-quality cosmetic products just as it had done with pharmaceuticals.

Although other cosmetics on the market at the time used Japanese names, Eudermine was made from the Greek eu, meaning good, and derma, meaning skin. It came in a beautiful glass bottle, and it was affectionately nicknamed “Shiseido’s Red Water” because of the lotion’s vivid color reminiscent of red wine.
Although Eudermine’s formula has been improved with scientific advances and its package redesigned numerous times, it is a long-selling product that is still a favorite among many people since its introduction over one-hundred years ago.
In 1997—the product’s 100th anniversary—Eudermine Global, a symbol of the aesthetic beauty that Shiseido has continuously developed, was introduced simultaneously both in Japan and overseas for the first time in collaboration with the French image maker Serge Lutens.
The lotion’s formula has evolved to “maintain moisture and prevent dry skin” and “regulate your skin’s regeneration.”


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