Luello Big Giveaway contest – calling all William Rast and J. Brand lovers

21 May

Text, Vivian Kelly

Luello is currently hosting a contest that I think would be of interest to you, my readers.

The Contest 411: 

WHAT: Participants can enter to win a $5000 shopping spree on

WHEN: Contest closes on May 31st readers

WHY: The opportunity to win a significantly large prize!

WHERE & HOW: HERE is the link to Luello’s contest:

Stars on Luello’s site are William Rast and J Brand. Both boast must-have items that make the cut on any fashionista’s core wardrobe.

A few years ago, as I sat in the audience and watched Erin Wasson model some of the William Rast collection during NY Fashion Week. Prior to that, I’d dismissed it as “just another celebrity brand”. After that show, that’s when I came to a number of conclusions about Rast.

  1. Okay, yes, it does have a celebrity designer – Justin Timberlake. Here’s the “but” part of the equation; Justin is smart enough to have seasoned designers on board to help him realize his vision for the brand.  As such, Rast is not a joke, and deserves to be taken seriously. The film he showed which stared Justin himself and supermodel Erin Wasson did the trick. All of a sudden, jeans looked glamorous.
  2. By the time Rast came into being I was thoroughly sick of “designer jeans”. SO over. The culmination of this feeling was a trip to Neiman’s around three years ago when my Interior Designer gal pal, D, tried on a pair of torn up jeans and wondered if she should get them. They were, I think, Zac Posens, and the price tag read in the high $300’s. My answer then and now, is “no, no, and no.”
  3. Earlier this year, I went to Tarjay and tried on a pair of William Rast for Target jeans and almost bought them. I was impressed by the fit and cut but the fabric stopped me.

Now that I’ve experienced them in their diluted incarnation, I’m quite confident I would fall madly in love with the designer originals. Hopefully, I’ll get to pick up around 10 pair if I’m the lucky winner.

Good Luck!

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