Pippa Middleton – the New Accidental Celebrity: Pondering Celeb Privacy and Examining her Style

17 May

Text, Vivian Kelly

We’re all weary of THE ROYAL WEDDING. Yes, Kate Middleton looked fantastic in Sarah Burton’s Grace Kelly inspired gown. Yes, the wedding was everything and more than we’d anticipated. Yes, I got up at 3:30a.m. and watched it live. As a die hard fashionista, how could I not?

So far, no surprises here.

What WAS surprising was the furor over Kate’s baby sister, Pippa. One of my BFF’s Theadora Brack, Paris Editor for EuroCheapo did not like the dress. The problem? The crease in the back.

We all did agree that the hair was nice and suitable and natural for a woman her age.

I liked her hair at the Wedding and below, Kevin Manuso gives the 1-2-3 of how to do this style at home.

She looks nice by day,her clothing style,  is young and casual – DVF, and I think, Ralph Lauren for the jeans and pink blazer as seen in images I found on The Fashion Spot.  When it comes to choosing between her and her older sis, I’d go with the Duchess, style-wise.

Once we turned -off the TV mid-way through the wedding, I didn’t really think about Pippa anymore other than to ask new friend, actor/director Jonny Elkes, how you pronounced her name and what he, an Englishman, thought of the whole Royal Wedding hysteria. After that, I took a break from Royal anything until I read an email of a post one of my favorite sites, Scallywag and Vagabond regarding the topless shots of Pippa taken on vacation.

It sound ridiculous, but I actually mulled this around in my mind for a while.

Two leading questions persisted:

1. She’s enjoying the benes of being “a public figure”. As such, does she have any rights regarding her “privacy”? Most US-based celebs have resigned to the answer being, “NO”. As such, they take pains (for the most part) to fly under the radar.

Jackie O famously fought off her most famous “stalker” – Paparazzi, Ron Galella and actually took him to court over it. She was photographed buck naked, which is something to get upset about. Jackie, rode it out, fabulously, cool as a cucumber.


Pippa’s suing but really – in these shots she’s in  an ocean and they were taken BEFORE Kate was for sure going to marry Wills and become Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

So, does she get to keep her privacy while in a public space or does Pippa now belong to the public?

What do you think? I’d like to know!


**If you’d like to have a go at Pippa’s hairstyle as she wore it to The Royal Wedding, here is the 1-2-3 how-to, courtesy of star stylist Kevin Manucso.

An email from PR dynamo, Kate Deponte [below] tells you just how star stylist Kevin Mancuso styles this look. It’s a good one for long-haired girls.

STYLE 1-2-3:

  • Apply a volumizer like Nexxus Mousse Plus to damp hair
  • Part hair slightly to one side and blow dry with a large round brush.
  • Once dry, wrap small sections of hair around a 1 inch barrel curing iron.
  • Tease hair slightly at the crown with a fine tooth comb to create added height and texture that will help hold a decorative a barrette or fresh flowers (added later).
  • Pull sides of hair back and secure with a hair tie, leaving the rest flowing and free.
  • Gently pin up small sections of the hair around the base of the crown, arrange curls neatly before securing with bobby pins
  • Spray hair with a strong hold hairspray, Nexxus Maxximum 
    • Add a decorative barrette or fresh flowers and bobby pins to the back of the crown. Done!

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