Hillbilly Chic – the Overall – a Must-wear spring Staple

10 May

Hillbilly Chic- love them overalls!

Text, Vivian Kelly

Maybe it was that I was spending the week in the Blue Ridge Mountains, or that I still love jeans. I was on the lookout for something new –  comfort without resorting to rapper jeans hanging way below my navel and six sizes too big.

The solution – the old fashioned overall. The idea came to me after reading the following post by Alyssia on Luello’s blog.

The closest town to  Camp Rockmont  was the tiny town of Black Mountain. We hit Ms. Divine,  a consignment shop on the main drag, to have a look. I’d given-up and was walking out when T.  held up a pair of washed lightweight denim overalls! Make? Gloria Vanderbilt. Condition? Brand new. Price? $18. They looked cute with the gray Tom’s espadrilles I was wearing.


Now the styling challenge began. I went for the casual look for the plane trip back to New York: Navy Lacoste cap, gold rubber Okabashi flip flops, a purple Ralph Lauren polo and a black poncho.

That’s just one look. There are so many different options such as the one on Luello’s site and the ones in Elle Magazine. [you can see the Elle looks on Luello].

l kicked it up a notch and wore them  with my Prada spring green thong wedges from The Fashion Exchange,  J. Crew plaid shirt, and Lacoste baseball cap.

I’m eagerly awaiting my ideal pair of overalls- by Ralph Lauren, due to arrive via UPS, courtesy of E-Bay sometime this week.

Who makes the best overalls? What’s your favorite overall outfit?


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