The Royal Wedding Countdown – Cinderella/Kate Middleton’s Shoes

27 Apr

Text, Vivian Kelly

Well, here we are, hours away from the big day and we STILL don’t know what Kate, soon to be Princess Catherine, will be wearing on her nuptials at Westminster Abbey on April 29.

I’m tired of speculating on THE DRESS, and after watching a rerun of the Lady Di-Charles 1981 wedding on TV Sunday night, I’m pretty sure Kate didn’t tap David and Elizabeth Emanuel to design her gown. Lady Di looked gorgeous, but the giant cream puff gown is so alien to Kate’s streamlined look/aesthetic that I’m going with Sarah Burton at McQueen or a complete unknown. I hope Kate goes this route and flouts convention a bit, and jump-starts a career, as the late Carolyn Bessette did when she wore Narcisso Rodriguez for her wedding to John F Kennedy Jr. in 1996.

What I’m NOT tired of discussing are Kate’s accessories, namely her wedding ring and her shoes.

First, the ring. According to an article that ran today on,

“When Prince William places a Welsh gold wedding ring onto Kate Middleton’s finger, he’ll be replicating an 88-year-old tradition dating back to the marriage of his great-grandparents, Elizabeth Bowes Lyon and the future George Vi.”

Translation, the wedding ring will be a plain gold wedding band. When you’ve got a spectacular and elaborate engagement ring such as Kate’s, that’s really the best choice – go plain.

NOW, onto the shoes.

It’s been widely rumored that she’ll wear flats and if I had to walk four-minute walk up the aisle  functional and practical is a good idea.

Nothing worse to ruin your look that pain etched on your face because your feet hurt. The rumor – she commissioned four pairs of wedding shoes. According to an email I received 4/26, UK footwear designer Aruna Seth, is in the running. The Liana flats are dressy enough for the walk, the Bryony heels make for a dignified choice for the part of the wedding when she’s waving to the crowds gathered at Buckingham Palace, and the Farfalla butterfly heels are a great “let you hair down” choice for the post parties.

In the meantime, I’m going to copy another blogger, Drew Hassenstein‘s idea – to wake-up Friday morning and watch the Royal Wedding on TV, wearing a fancy hat, as if I were really there, in the pews, watching and committing every fashion detail to memory.


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