ETRO Bath and Body Products – the Little Luxuries that make all the difference

25 Apr

Text, Vivian Kelly

Upon arriving at the five star Grand Luxe in the Grand Mayan Luxury Compound, in Nuevo Vallarta, I was blown-away by the luxurious zen atmosphere. The decor reminds me of that of the Setai in South Beach, Florida.

Being a beauty junkie – you fellow B.J.’s out there will “get” this – I ran, not walked, to the huge bathroom to check-out the all-important toiletries.

ETRO – I was not disappointed. This in fact, exceeded my expectations.

The body wash was rich single malt scotch shade and the body lotion looked sheer laden. Little details such as this figure prominently into my inner luxury barometer of a hotel. An unnamed 5 star hotel/Inn in New England was a great disappointment as they offered only watery body lotion and bath wash that was the same stuff as at the Howard Johnson Express we stayed at after a Justin Timberlake concert. Yuk.

Even Etro’s sewing kit is stylish and includes some of the classic rich moroccan inspired shades for any unexpected repairs you may have to make to your Etro silk-nylon swim trunks. They’re so gorgeous that I borrow my husband’s on an embarrassingly frequent basis just to lounge and do some writing in.

Recently, I picked-up a silk Etro tee shirt which has helped to ease my itch for all things Etro, as have the bath gels. The bath products are just the tip of the iceberg though. The official Etro website has a wealth of wonderful home options to contemplate.

I sat in the oversize bamboo and marble bathroom struggling how to explain the ETRO aesthetic as concisely as possible. I shouldn’t have bothered, as the company website did an outstanding job of it on their home page. I combined that and my thoughts and came up with the following definition of ETRO STYLE.

def. ETRO:  is…synonymous with a lifestyle based on quality rendered in a  sophisticated yet eclectic and bohemian style. 

Where else do you see colors such as rust, mustard, fuchsia, lavender and paisley look so good together, as unlikely as that might seem?

After some browsing, I’ll agree that “Gimmo Etro’s innate passion for travel and history [has served] to become the leitmotif [for] all of the lines of this fashion maison.”


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