Isabella Rossellini, Save the Children and Bulgari

20 Apr

Text, Vivian Kelly

A few weeks ago, I was on my way to visit friend, Anthony Palermo, at the Anthony Leonard Salon on East 54th Street. I was late.

Once  I told him WHY, he understood, and we had “an Isabella moment”. That would be Isabella Rossellini.

Here is the photograph, attached, taken by Fabrizio Ferri, who often came into our offices at Mirabella Magazine while I was a lowly assistant there. And guess who Grace Mirabella wanted him to shoot, a lot?? Isabella.

This works because there is something noble about it, she reminds me – in this photo – a bit of the late great Audrey Hepburn as she appeared when she worked with Save the Children in her last years of life.

Isabella does not look made-up or artificial at all and that is supremely charming, and beautiful. Yes, as Anthony and I heatedly discussed, it DOES fly in the face of the prevailing standards of beauty. For my part, as a forty-something, I admire the lines in her neck, and the neat but plain hands. What stands out is her philanthropical nature – wearing the Bulgari/Save the Children ring, and an innate dignity that can’t be obtained with Botox, fillers, or knives.

Isabella, you’re beautiful!


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