Princess Fever – the Kate Middleton Fashion Aesthetic

16 Apr

Text, Vivian Kelly

I’ve been interested – no scratch that –  fascinated – with Princess to be, “Waity Katy” as the Royal Wedding approaches. It’s not the prospect of the wedding – I dislike the whole pomp and circumstance and unnecessary expense a “big wedding” entails [Just watch an episode of “Bridezilla”].

I missed the last “wedding of the century” – the Diana Spencer – Prince Charles one – on purpose. As an intern in a French Company in New York City, the VP gave me the option to watch the wedding, OR to get double my hourly pay to man the reception desk while the office took of to watch it on the President’s TV.

I took the money and read about it in The NY Post on the ride back to Greenwich that night, while sipping a glass of Chardonnay in the Metro North Bar Car.

Back to the present.

While I’m interested to see if Kate chooses a Brit designer [the politically correct move] and if she’s REALLY going to wear flats, what truly interests me about her is her every day style.

Here’s a young woman who can make classic clothing look fresh and updated. Perhaps she had a conversation with the fabulous Carine Roitfeld, Paris Vogue’s former Fashion Editor. Her aesthetic is just what Carine wrote in her fall/winter 2011 Collections Series 10 letter from the editor.

“Fall2011 is championing a move back to time-honored classics – those enduring pieces that confer both status and stature on the wearer.”

It’s not preppy dressing, ie: wild plaids and Lilly Pulitzer pink and green, Rather, it’s pearls, a perfect yet understated ring, well-groomed hands, shiny hair, minimal makeup, strong brows, and classical clothing silhouettes and classic shoes.

What’s great – these pieces will serve you for a long long time.


Mine are budget-priced, but these are also available at nose bleed price points if you want to go bonkers. Hint: Marc Jacobs’ Louis Vuitton fall2011 collection is LOADED with the right clothes.

– The perfect patterned skirt – tiered floral print skirt,  White House Black Market ($98)

– A pointy-toed slingback – Contrast Ladylike Slingback, White House Black Market 

– Form Fitting Blazer in a Neutral Color – WHBM’s  Layered Sateen Blazer ($148)    

– The perfectly understated strand of pearls – Carolee

– The unforgettable Sapphire and Diamond “Lady Di” ring. It’s Kate’s now, but in my head, it will always be “the Princess Diana ring”. Say that phrase, and everyone knows what you’re talking about, including your personal jeweler, if you want to have a version with real sapphires and diamonds made up.

The budget version from Sterlington CollectionsRoyal Heirloom Ring” looks so perfect, I’ve worn it out, just for fun. Vital Stats: oval cut faux Ceylon Sapphire, 5.65 carats, surrounded by 8 CZs totaling 3.60 T.W. carats, set in platinum plate.

This just covers Kate’s dressy DAY look. More to come soon, on her wedding gown and accessory choices.

*What jeans, tees and shoes do you think she wears on her time-off?

Drop me a comment and let me know!


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