Banged! Get some Bangs to Celebrate the spring 2011 Season

13 Apr

Text, Vivian Kelly

About a month ago, I hit the Javitz Convention Center to visit the VIP booth at the Vision Expo Show with the intention of discovering what was new in the sunglass world.

Beth Dempsey and her lovely team from Images and Details PR made sure I left with the 411 [pink and red frames], but I left with more than that.

I walked in slightly bored with my almost-bob and walked out excited about pinky-red lipstick and bangs. NO, not those [yawn] perfect long side swept ones all the TV hostesses wear on shows such as “Entertainment Tonight” etc. The bangs that makeup artist Jenni Shaw showed me were short, punky, and blunt. They were EDITORIAL, ie: exciting. SHE looked amazing in them as she did with her strong pink-red lip, but would I?

Being the fearless sort, Jenni cuts her own bangs – really – with a man’s electric trimmer. “Just swoop from left to right in one straight line, and that’s it, you’re done.”

It sounded so easy and I would have done it right then and there had she had the styling tool on hand. Instead, Jenni showed me how to create YOUR perfect red lipstick by custom mixing them yourself on a little dish. Use 2-3 colors until you’ve got the shade you’re looking for. Chances are, you’ve already got everything you need in your makeup bag. I did, in the big makeup artist case I store under my bathroom sink.

Red is one of those colors you’ll be wearing for spring and if you don’t want to commit to a shirt or dress, start small, with a pair of sunglasses and red lip. Drew Barrymore looks great in this look as does Kanye West’s front row friend at the fall2011 Jeremy Scott Show. The latter has bangs to complete the look.

Erin Simmons of the Shine-Aveda Salon cut mine that weekend. At least 4 people told me that “I looked French” in them – which I am.

After looking at a the images Sheila Arway of Kaplow PR sent me of this trend yesterday, in which star stylist, Kevin Mancuso, explains the trend, I’m ready for MORE. ”


“To duplicate this look, go for brow-grazing bangs that are slightly tapered at the corners.  This way you can wear them down or sweep them to the side to quickly change up the style.
Celebrity hairstylist and Nexxus Creative Director Kevin Mancuso, who has worked with A-listers like Anne Hathaway, Abbie Cornish and Kristen Bell, offers his tips on how to style your bang look:

Says Mancuso, “Bangs are a great way to update your look without sacrificing length off your ends,” The addition of thick, blunt fringe immediately draws focus to your eyes and emphasizes your bone structure.”

Here’s Kevin’s short cut to making sure your bangs look perfect, each and every day.


  • Pin bangs to the side and create a middle part.  Then use a large round brush to blow dry the rest of your hair.
  • Make sure bangs are still damp before styling.  If they have dried a bit, mist them with water prior to blow drying.  This will ensure there are no unwanted kinks in the bangs and also help set the style.
  • Curl bangs over the round brush and blow dry on low, bending ends slightly under for a flattering, face-framing shape.
  • Release the rest of hair from the hair tie.


Nexxus Thermal Volume Volumizing Heat Protection Mousse

Nexxus Comb Thru Natural Design and Finishing Mist

A Round Brush – I like Kent’s, available at MinNY

Here’s my GALLERY of fashion icons who showed us how to sport a bang.

I’m off to Walgreens to buy a pair of electric clippers and go just a little shorter….


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