Ready-Set-Packing for spring Break w/ Lacoste,Tumi, OPI and More

8 Apr

Text, Vivian Kelly

At last! The promise of spring break is around the corner – just one short week away. I’m packing for two trips – the first is for a week in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, the second, for a week in Rockmont, North Carolina.

On the surface, you’d probably think that the packing list for these two trips would be radically different. They are not.

The CORE of my must-haves remains the same.


Lacoste shirts – dark colors [black, navy, olive] and one true red

Lands’ End Duffle Bag – navy, with monogram

Tumi Limited Edition “Crash collection” iphone case and small hardcase with wheels

Minnetonka – classic suede mocs  – no beading

From THE HUNT: Prada – red floral silk and chiffon overlay skirt from Deja Vu. It’s vintage, but florals are back and so is this skirt I grabbed for $29

Radlee cotton Mummu from Another Man’s Treasure – $45, circa 1970??

Burberry leather thong sandals with espadrille bottoms from Bring N’ Buy, $70

Lady Gaga “Monster Ball” black tee and Japan Relief rubber bracelet

Of all of these, Lacoste has the most storied backstory, which I cover in my month’s post for

Most of the above items are affordable and easy to come by with the exception of the Prada, Mummu and Burberrys acquired on a few sessions of THE HUNT. That, though, is the beauty of THE HUNT – never knowing WHAT you’ll find and WHEN.

Some of the above are “investment pieces” and won’t come cheap, but you never know if Crash Matos will ever collaborate with Tumi again….

The packing’s not done though. Now it’s time for the best part, choosing which books, accessories and fun new beauty products to bring and share.

So far, I’ve got Assouline’s Hitchcock Style on order, snapped-up the last bottle of OPI’s Katy Perry black “Shatter” nail polish. Just added after a hop on Amazon, OPI’s Kate Perry Mini Nail Lacquer Polish Set.

The HUNT to fill in the gaps continues.


2 Responses to “Ready-Set-Packing for spring Break w/ Lacoste,Tumi, OPI and More”

  1. Theadora April 13, 2011 at 4:56 pm #

    Love, love the Radlee cotton Mummu from Another Man’s Treasure!

    • thefashionexaminer April 19, 2011 at 9:37 am #

      I will try to hit Another Man’s before May and see if they have another one there. He said they had a lot coming in. Check out their website!

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