Early March – Things of Note, Fashion Patchwork Pictorial

21 Mar

Text, Vivian Kelly

In case you’re wondering, just what in the bleep is a “fashion patchwork pictorial?”, here’s my attempt at an explanation.

I think of it as a colorful brainstorming bazaar.

Dannijo's great collage of gypset style- inspiring!

By the end of the week, I’m a bit overwhelmed with all of the fashion, and style I’ve seen and experienced and need to begin the editing process for the following week.

NYFW is over and I’ve not even gotten close to giving all of the things I attended and the videos I shot the 100% attention they deserve, but fashion never stops, and there’s always something and someone new to report on. One of my BFFs, Theadora Brack, Paris Editor of
Eurocheapo suggested I  put up end of week fashion patchwork pictorials to give you readers an idea of what’s out there that’s stylish and noteworthy. Not everything on the pictorial will eventually make it into a full-blown post, but each picture is precious to me because it “sparked something” – as another BFF, Interiors Decorator, Demi Schimenti, likes to say.

Christian Louboutin's Festive Windows in Meatpacking, NYCLimited dress on Paul Wilmot PR staffer

*IN THIS WEEK’S PICTORIAL: THE LIMITED, CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN, ANOTHER MAN’S TREASURE, BONNIE YOUNG, CALLULA LILLIBELLE, the perfect red lip by makeup artist JENNI SHAW, the “Spectacular Spec Styling Event” at VISION EXPO, and my first-ever  INTRAceuticals Oxygen Facial with Tarin Graham. She’s only 23, but she’s got her Mother, Michelle Peck’s magic fingers. Ms. Peck is INTRAceuticals’ spokesperson. She and Tarin both give the REAL Oxygen Facial at the Mzia Shiman Spa on Fifth Ave. A-list celebs such as Naomi Campbell, Rachel Zoe, Katy Perry, and Fergie, have glowing testimonials on the INTRAceutical site and are fans of the Mother-Daughter team. That’s just the beginning though, some of the biggest celebs aren’t on the official list, but I’m sworn to secrecy on that one. The oxygen, by the way, felt fantastic, and the plumped-out effect lasted through the weekend. Below, a pic BEFORE Tarin when to work on me, showing-off Jenni’s custom red lip for spring.

Last but not least, was the jaunt to Hoboken, NJ last Sunday to pick-up some canollis from CARLOS’ BAKERY and a visit TO nearby Jersey City with FE friend and contributor Liza Mulvenna who introduced me to Another Man’s Treasure Vintage Store in Jersey City. It was there that I fell madly in love with the window display – a long plaid Burberry skirt I’m mentally recovering a Queen Anne chair I picked-up at McGeorgie’s Antiques a few years ago. If I do get the skirt [I’m second in line for it], I’ll be calling Kostas, from Kostas Upholstery to make it a reality.

Kostas' Gorgeous Leather Chair and Ottoman

Vintage Burberry skirt, from Everyman's Treasure

Going back to two weeks ago, Friday, Deborah Hughes’s team got me a one-to-one with chidren’s wear designer, Bonnie Young, whose show I had missed during NYFW. Children’s wear at NYFW? Really? YES, as this is not poncy pretentious stuff, like the former Mrs. Hilfigger used to design for her store, Best&Co. The former Greenwich Avenue shop catered to hedge funders who wanted to look as if their children had grown up on Long Island’s North Shore, and their “Mum” was C.Z. Guest. While the pristine white shirts were gorgeous, having had two children, it seemed absurd to spend 3 $ digits on a white peter pan collared shirt for a toddler who will invevitably soil it with carrot mush on the first or second wearing. Let kids be kids. What’s wrong with tee shirts, jeans and sneakers? If you want to dress them, then go full throttle and have a look at what Bonnie is designing.

Bonnie Young does not design those kinds of items. She designs children’s couture, which is a completely different proposition.

After an invigorating conversation with Bonnie who kindly gave me lots of time even though she was on her way to the country, I met back with Deborah Hughes’ gang at their beautiful new showroom in an historic building on the West Side. There, I fell in love with couturier, William Calvert’s Calulla Lilibelle’s “desk to dinner” line. Deb and I had some fun trying on the clothes, including an Edwardian style tomato red coat I didn’t want to take off.

Designs from William Calvert's Callula Lillibelle fall2011 Presentation at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week NYTrying-on Calulla Lillibelle at Deborah Hughes' Office

last Thursday, a visit on a very rainy afternoon to Industria Superstudio in Meatpacking reminded me how great “mass market” fashion can be if it’s done right. Designer Elliot Staples, the congenial Sr. VP of Design of The Limited talked to me about how he and his team and powerhouse Paul Wilmot Communications, are slowly but steadily turning what used to be a very average brand into clothes the Corporate working woman and the suburban soccer mom would be happy to wear. His last collection was good, [the green sheath dress was the #1 item] but this one knocks it out of the box. My favorite item was the camel outfit, such as you’d see the chicly understated women in Milan wearing. Fancy? No. Impeccable? Yes. What drew me to this was that this outfit had STAYING POWER. No embarrassment whatsoever in wearing this a year from now. The solution to “updating it” is simply to change-up the accessories. With luck, Elliot and his team will be giving us some options in the all-important shoe category soon.One of Elliott Staples


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