Sofia Bak’s London Fashion Week fall2011 Picks: Burberry and More

17 Mar

London Fashion Week Coverage, courtesy of Sofia Bak, Founder, of Frolic72.

Edited by Vivian Kelly,with a few comment in pink itals

Sofia Bak and a Fashionable Friend

Thank God for friends. A girl can’t be everywhere and I’m thrilled to have fellow journo, the gorgeous Sofia Bak to rely on for some great London Fashion Week Coverage. We met years ago, at LA Fashion Week, before she moved to the U.K. back when she was doing PR. These days, she’s a journalist/fashion photoshoot producer whose work has been published in international media like Harper’s BAZAAR Russia,  Beverly Hills People, London-INFO, 944,, Beauty Handbook, Item, Glitterati, The Fashion Examiner, etc.

I can always count on her to spot any celebrity in the room [and there were seemingly MORE of them at LFW than at NYFW!]. Just goes to show that New York has been deemed “too commercial” for many of them to bother with NYFW, with the exception of the Marc Jacobs evening show.

I agree 100% with her “. R.I.P. Trends” statement, below. Don’t you?

“We know trends are only there to make the consumer feel the need for certain “must-have” items. But they’re also there to inspire. London fashion however is there to inspire unconformity. Between New York, Paris and Milan, London is a city that represents edge and produces designers that march to the beat of their own drum. This fashion week the designers seemed to say “enough” to the marketing industry and showed us the way to take risks and have fun with our outfits. And by the sour faces front row, I’d say we need a bit of fun. Isn’t it why we’re in the fashion industry in the first place? Because we chose to do what we love? Even though for years we’re forced to work with no pay, live on an occasional canapé, shove our blistered feet in high heels and forget sleep, rest or relationships.”

Keep on reading! Below, a few of the highlights, as reported by Sofia.

On the list, some names you may not yet be familiar with  [Kinder Aggugini, Corrie Nielsen] and some that are fashion legend [Burberry, Vivienne Westwood].

Kinder Surprise at the Kinder Aggugini Show

Speaking of flowers, Kinder Aggugini charmed the front row by placing kinder orchids with care instructions on our seats. Some didn’t want theirs so I saved the poor flowers by pinning them to my coat and took them home. Since the hair does have a very distinct trend in a shape of a ponytail this season, Kinder’s models were cone-headed and had their tresses pinned into orchid-like ponytails. The atmosphere was beautiful until the show started and the photographers started yelling at the models to walk away faster so they can shoot the next girl (due to the shape of the runway). This made me laugh at first but then I felt sorry for the models and angry at the photographers. I know it’s their job to do anything to get the picture taken, but there’s no need to be so rude

Newcomer Corrie Nielsen

Corrie Nielsen was someone we saw for the first time and fell in love with at the finale. The models did an incredible job at creating an illusion of a gothic scene, moving like ghosts down the runway to captivating choir music, reminding us of Queen Elizabeth I and her powerful presence.

I’d like to add that although I can only see the back of this gown, it would make a h—l of a wedding dress for Kate Middleton’s April wedding.

Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood continued with some of the gender swap theme and was appropriately attended by Boy George. Westwood is a trustee of Liberty and continues to use the medium of her shows to talk about culture and politics, more specifically about the urgent need to act against climate change, which makes me love and respect the lady even more. Her rag-doll/scarecrow make-up excited the media, which pictured gold paper-faced model for days to come. As distorted as her models were on the catwalk, Vivienne herself came out as elegant as I’ve ever seen her. Her hair was pinned back in an elegant sea-shell and she wore a stunning blue dress which made her dameness appear very blue blooded indeed.


Burberry – Oy Vey…Oh Yay!

Burberry Prorsum fall 2011, image from

Linn almost had a breakdown on the way to Burberry. Fashion Bus (the press bus) was stuck in traffic and we were reading tweets saying the show was about to start. When we were finally there we ran for the doors and were the last one’s in, some of the other journos from the bus didn’t make it. Running (late) for once paid off for me because I ended up getting a better seat right opposite Kate Bosworth, Rachel Bilson, Ellie Goulding and Mario Testino. But I was a bit disappointed with the show at first. After Bailey’s S/S10 work he can’t seem to exceed my expectations. However, I did enjoy the second leg of the show. Elegant white coats and jackets tied up like presents with black string-belts were very chic.

Burberry Look 41- all wrapped-up, like a present

*I later got the scoop from my BFM agent at Burberry and found out that the clear rain protectors that were used to save the designs from the fake snow at the end are selling like hot cakes. I also have some inside info on Burberry Bespoke…but will not reveal it just yet.

I for one, can’t wait to see what Sofia’s got re: Burberry Bespoke!

To read the full report, go to frolic72.

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  1. Sofia March 17, 2011 at 7:58 pm #

    Viv! You are so sweet! I love your editing. I love the new look of TFE I love you! x

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