ESSIE [Weingarten] on Natural Nails – Why They’re The Best

15 Mar

Text, Vivian Kelly

I love the AAU [Academy or Art University] show as it gives me a chance to see some of the talented students’ designs at the school I’m proud to be an online instructor for.

The show’s always one of the highlights [a full-on post on the latest AAU show coming – later this week].

This time though, I got two shows in one because I finally got my interview with nail Deity, Essie Weingarten, across the runway, front row, with her adorable young friend, Claire, who of course is an Essie fan.

Essie’s “a natural nail girl” – always has been, always will be. Although she sold her company to L’Oreal, she maintains an active role and her enthusiasm for natural nails hasn’t waned the tiniest bit since I met her years ago, backstage at a Ralph Rucci show I was covering as Lucire’s Beauty Editor.

Essie talks about why a mani and pedi can be a girl’s best friend and way cheaper than the other one [diamonds] and advised me on which colors to wear for a warm weather getaway.

On tomorrow’s agenda – a stop by my local nail salon to pick up the 2 shades for my Mexican get-away in April. Ole!

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