Kate and Naomi Rock the Louis Vuitton fall2011 “Night Porter” Show

11 Mar

Naomi's Bag at the fall2011 Louis Vuitton Show - the bag of the season

Text, Vivian Kelly & Anthony Palermo

Kate Moss Walks the Louis Vuitton fall2011 Show

I went to see my friend, Anthony Palermo, to vamp up my hair. There’s nothing wrong with it but it needed a strong creative eye and if he said, “go silver” I’d do it in a flash. Why? Not because I’m wishy-washy, but because Anthony is blessed with an editorial eye. I’ve been privvy to sneak peaks for wigs he’s created that run in Vogue Italia and V Magazine.

He did not tell me to do anything radical. We decided  on a high impact gloss to make my hair look super shiny and healthy.

Most importantly, we talked about the latest Louis Vuitton show. There we were, in MidTown Manhattan, at the Anthony Leonard Salon, gazing at what had just transpired in Paris at the Louis Vuitton show . Anthony whipped out his ipad and showed me the money shots – Kate [Moss] insolently walking down the runway, holding a cigarette in miniscule black hotpants and Naomi [Campbell] in a riding outfit, complete with a jumbo  bag that’s sure to blast-off at the counters – if it doesn’t sell out before it hits the LV stores.

Naomi Campbell Walks the fall2011 Louis Vuitton Show

These two supers looked fabulous – for their age, no strike that – for any age.

Harper’s Bazaar dedicates a monthly column to “fabulous at every age” and I love them for it. A highly placed staffer once told me that she dreaded them because it was hard to find someone fabulous who was over 50. Really? ?

The problem is our perception of what “fabulous” means.

At what point did we decide that women had to be frozen in time at an age in which they looked not a day over 25 to look beautiful?

Looking back at my vintage Life Magazine covers, I beg to disagree with this assessment. Jackie O was at least 40 on her cover and her teeth weren’t bleached to Regis Philbin white. Isabella Rosellini’s hair was “too long for her age” and she had wrinkles.  No matter.

Maybe Marc Jacobs had similar thoughts running through his head when he decided to have Kate and Naomi walk the end of the Louis Vuitton show – arguably the most important one of the Paris show season.

Says Anthony, gesturing at Kate and Naomi on his Ipad –

“Kate and Naomi at Vuitton, it’s genius, it’s amazing. I love the idea of bringing a woman of that age to the runway because those are the women who are actually wearing the clothes and they can afford them. They’re showing everyone that they’re still relevant,  and recognizable. By doing this show, they’re simultaneously elevating themselves and the brand they’re walking for – Louis Vuitton.”

This was Kate’s 1st appearance on the catwalk in years; she’s too busy designing for TopShop and Longchamps and becoming a mogul in her own right. Naomi’s a celebrity, not a mere faceless model.

Kate channeled Charlotte Rampling in “The Night Porter”, complete withthe ciggy in her hand. We loved the “I can do whatever I want” expression on her face.

Charlotte Rampling in "The Night Porter"

Continued Anthony, “Bringing them back as a surprise element was great, it was back to KNOWING  WHO the model on the runway is.

Kate is recognizable, she’s 40, and she can still rock the hotpants and it makes world news. Putting those two models in the LV show is the ultimate publicity stunt – and they only  got 1 look each.”

We talked about going to the Paris shows together in the future. Sure, I religiously attend NYFW, but like Anthony, I’m in serious need of a high-octane injection of undiluted glamour, like what went down at Louis Vuitton.

Only in Paris.

Walking to his next appointment, Anthony said, “New York needs to step it up. There’s no element of surprise or glamour;it’s very commercial. Why not just do it at Jacob Javitz? Why put up tents? NYFW is now a trade show in New York.”

The next Paris Fashion Week is in just under 6 months. Time to start planning!


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