Mzia Shiman’s New Fifth Avenue Spa – A Secret Address for Your Speedial, Revealed!

9 Mar

Text, Vivian Kelly

When my friend, Anthony Leonard told me I should visit his friend, Mzia Shiman’s new salon, I put it in pen, not pencil, in my Lilly Pulitzer agenda.

The front desk at the Mzia Shiman Salon, NYC. Welcome!

Anthony has great taste and he is not one to say that something is great if it’s not, which is a rarity in the world of high end beauty he moves in.

Colorist Extraordinaire, Anthony Palermo, of the Anthony Leonard Salon

Case in point – as I left after a quickie visit to the A.L Salon, he told me to get her to fix my brows. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to see “the brow queen” because brows are back and I’m completely sold on them. One small problem – I started plucking at age 14 and they’re ….sparse.

Doing a rush research job, I discovered that Mzia is famous. She’s an Allure Magazine favorite and has worked on-set for MTV, as well as too many fashion shows and TV shows to list.

Back to my brows – I had not completely given up hope and still still dream of one day having Brooke Shield brows as I did back when I was a tween though.

Brooke working those Calvins in one of her classic Calvin Klein jean ads in 1980

With Brooke’s image, as she looked “wearing nothing but [her] Calvin’s, I went to see Mzia in her new Fifth Avenue salon. At first, I thought perhaps I’d gone to the wrong place – 5 East 59th Street looked like a residential building, but yes, her salon was indeed, the doorman assured me on the 6th Floor.

Once upstairs, I was ushered in my Mzia herself, a diminutive woman beautifully dressed in that way Parisian women and Milanese women dress.

Mzia Shiman

She also had gorgeous long wavy blonde hair, tended to by Anthony, of course. Her gorgeous gold and caramel hair made me itch to call Anthony and beg him to do my hair like that even though we’d already had that discussion and established that I am not a blonde.

Mzia snapped me out of my reverie by showing me one beautiful room in the spacious salon-apartment. Without even having experienced any actual treatment, I was already happy to have arrived at Mzia’s. The space is warm and inviting. Warm colored hues [the Ralph Lauren custom pedicure chairs in the mani/pedi room, alternate with the pristinely white facial rooms.



Ralph Lauren Pedicure Chair at Mzia Shiman Spa

Custom Ralph Lauren in the Luxurious Mani-Pedi Room at the Mzia Shiman Spa

The natural light in one of these, where I got my brows done was just perfect and I couldn’t believe that noisy 5th Avenue lay just six stories below.

Once on the spa bed, I relaxed as Mzia examined my brows. She was encouraging. “You will have to grow them, of course, but when you do, no arch. Even when they’re too think like yours, you still have to groom them”, which is what she did.

About fifteen minutes later, following some cutting, painless waxing, tweezing, and tinting, Mzia declared herself satisfied with the result.

My brows, after one session with Mzia

I stared into the mirror,speechless. The tinting [which in past attempts, had always looked as if I’d taken a charcoal briquette and rubbed it on my brows] looked natural but the result was close to miraculous.

I was tired that morning, but after Mzia’s magic, my eyes looked bigger, and less droopy. Two days later, my jeweler, Paul Tyson, leaned-in when we were inspecting a sapphire for a Princess Diana mounting I’d bought from his collection of antique settings. He looked-up from the stones and asked “if I’d done something”. Looking at me again, he said, “you look younger, I can’t put my finger on it.”

If that’s not enough of an incentive to go to Mzia and get your brows done, I don’t know what is.

Before I left, Mzia put me on a brow-maintenance program:

  • NO tweezing on my own,
  • brush on Latisse directly on the existing brow and in a thin line just BELOW [not above] the brow.

I can’t wait to see her at the end of the month to show her my progress.

*Although I’ve used this post to discuss brows, Mzia Shiman offers a host of other aesthetic services including her oxygen facial which is a can’t live with out it deal for some of the most famous “who’s who’s” walking around NYC, including a couple of fashion icons. We can’t tell who, because Mzia holds her famous clientele’s privacy in strict confidence – another reason to love her, even if you’re not famous.

For appointments, call 212-933-4389.

Book well in advance as her calendar is already filling up even though it’s still early days.

Mzia Shiman Spa Calendar - back to back bookings!

In addition to her legendary oxygen facial, there are 6 others to choose from, each lasting from 60 -120 long luxurious minutes of pampering.


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