The FE’s Academy Award Dressing, Makeup and Grooming Suggestionss

27 Feb

Jeff Bridges at the 2010 Oscars


Text, Vivian Kelly

A whole weekend of freedom stretches out ahead with the adult version of the children’s game, “Candy land” to look forward to.

In my adult version of Candy land, I’ve got the Oscars to look forward to. Prior to reading Stefano Tonchi’s brilliant Letter From the Editor in March W.

W Magazine's Dapper New Editor-in-Chief, Stefano Tonchi

In it, he defends fashion as an art and wonders why huge talents such as Tom Ford only felt as if “he’d finally accomplished something truly artistic” when his film A Single Man, received multiple Oscar nominations.

Like Stefano, I thought, “really?”

Sorry, but I consider what he did all those years at Gucci, and YSL, Estee Lauder and Tom Ford Men and Women borderline brilliant.

So, I’m going to come clean and admit that my “watching” the Academy Awards tomorrow night is about the clothes, the hair, the makeup ie: the Red Carpet Arrivals. I’m not going to pretend that I keep up with who did the special effects for any one of the films up for an award. There’s lots of merit in that but I’m a fashionista. I write about fashion. Why pretend that I’m anything more “highbrow”?

No reason.

Nicole Kidman is a nominee and she’s never ever disappointed me.  Will she wear Chanel? Dior? I’d like to see her in Naeem Khan.

Naeem Khan's Look #12 from his fall 2011 NYFW Show

The tiny Natalie Portman is another one I’ll be watching closely. She COULD wear vintage couture – no alternations/let-outs needed. She also has the body to wear one of the short little numbers by Farah Angsana and can certainly do those plunging backs proud after all the dancing she did for “Black Swan”.

Look #8 from Farah Angsana's fall 2011 Runway Show at NYFW

As far as hair and makeup, I’d like to see a version of what Shiseido’s Dick Page did for the recent Michael Kors show – clean and beautiful. No “look at me” Studio 54 fuchsia lips please! A strong well-groomed brow as Dick and aesthetician to the stars, Mzia Shiman, have always said, is one of the few things you really need to look your best.

Dick Page for Shiseido's Face for the Michael Kors fall 2011 NYFW Show

Let’s not forget the guys. I loved Jeff Bridges in “True Grit” and it will be good to see him cleaned-up to take his stroll down the Red Carpet.

How about Colin Firth? I’m thinking Tom Ford.

Of course, I’d love to see someone break out of the Armani bandbox and wear something more daring by the likes of Duckie Brown

or Timo Weiland. Robert Downey Junior got slapped by the fashion police for wearing a bold blue tie, and if you’re “a big guy”, there I agree with the writers at GQ, DO as Quinton Aaron did and go CUSTOM. “You can’t hide that kind of size under a regular old tuxedo. Or can you? Sometimes the best way around a diet is confidence — as seen here in his Astor & Black custom tuxedo.”

How about something edgy with the hair, like what American Crew did at the fall 2011 Duckie Brown show?

Model Showing-off American Crew Hairstyle outside Duckie Brown, fall2011 NYFW

Last year, Zac Efron already got a jump on that look. I’d like to see it again – only MORE mussed-up, using American Crew’s “Boost Powder” as Artistic Director, Paul Wilson, did for the fall 2011 Duckie Brown show look. Bandbox perfection like Tom Ford is great, but it would be good to see the guys look a little more mussed-up and… real as they did in the Seventies when there were no Hollywood stylists and stars looked like themselves.

In the meantime, I’m in countdown mode. I’ve prepared my favorite Missoni sofa, my new Okabashi thongs sandals, some Starbucks Frappuccinos from NYFW chilling and am counting down to the big Red Carpet show.


2 Responses to “The FE’s Academy Award Dressing, Makeup and Grooming Suggestionss”

  1. Annabel Kelly March 1, 2011 at 1:31 am #

    Dear Vivian are the rumors true we all want to know? Are you really giving away free items from NYFW just for leaving a comment?

    🙂 🙂

    • thefashionexaminer March 2, 2011 at 5:02 pm #

      I sure am! Better still, I’m just getting started with the NYFW goodie give-aways!
      Check-out today’s Betsey Johnson fall 2011 Runway Review by Contributing Editor, Cassi Hurd. It goes live at 5p.m. tonight.
      Be the 5th person to leave me a comment ABOUT WHY YOU LOVE BETSEY JOHNSON and I’ll send you a Limited Edition Essie Color from Mercedes-Benz NYFW fall 2011 season.
      “Borrowed & Blue” is one of‘s “Editor’s Picks.

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